Chapter 131 - Thunder Road

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"You ready?" Lita asked as she came in with her tiny suitcase

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"You ready?" Lita asked as she came in with her tiny suitcase. You eyed the case and she smiled, unzipping it slightly. It was full of clothes, condoms and booze. You were nervous Jon said that he really wanted you to meet his guitarist, that he was gonna set you up if it was the last thing he did.

"I thought you were done with sex? Healing yoga was the way forward?" You laughed as you called Izzy down as Nikki pulled up. Lita put the suitcase in the living room and turned the TV on.

The door knocked and you let Nikki in. You told him Izzy wasn't ready yet so he followed you into the living room. He eyed the open suitcase and looked at Lita.

"Booze is for me, condoms are for her" Lita mentioned and you chuckled. "Oh look you're on TV."

"Let's not put this on.." Nikki's pleas were ignored as Lita turned the TV up. He eyed you nervously as you watched him and Kat sat with ice cream as she went on about her book. He pulled out the foreword he had wrote for her and she grinned hugging him.

"This is awkward" Nikki sighed as Lita looked at you, but you didn't seem phased.

"The only awkward thing is that vegan ice cream you were eating" You snorted before turning to Lita. "Jon said that he thinks you're gonna like Phil a lot."

"I've already looked the guy up on the Internet. That guy is smoking hot" Lita laughed. "That leaves you five other members of the band."

"No thank you. You can do the groupie thing with all your condoms. I'm on reserve" You laughed.

"For who exactly?" Nikki asked with a grin as he sat back. You frowned, you didn't like that smug look on him. "If it's not me it's not worth it right?"

"Wow" Lita scoffed for you as you he stared at you. The arrogance radiating off him was unbelievable. You hated that he could switch between two polar opposite personalities. You guessed you had the asshole version today.

"For your information, Jon has already set me up on a date. I didn't want to hurt your feelings but here we are. And yes, he is completely fuckable and yes, I might just go there!" You ranted before walking out to the stairs and yelling for Izzy to come down.

"Don't look too impressed with that Sixx" Lita smirked as his face dropped.

"If she wants to act like a whore" Nikki retorted standing up as Izzy walked down the stairs. "You gonna be back for Sunday with all the fun you're planning?"

"Maybe he'll be so good, I won't want to come back at all" You said quietly so Izzy couldn't hear as she put her shoes on. You smirked at Nikki as you hugged Izzy.

"Be good for your dad. I'll see you soon okay?" You said kissing her head.

"Say hi to uncle Jon. I'll miss you" Izzy yelled as Nikki walked off to the car. You watched her run after him and you smiled. It was nice to have the upper hand for once.

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