Chapter 123 - Sacrifice

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"Babe how long are you gonna be in the bathroom? I need a shower" You said knocking on the door

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"Babe how long are you gonna be in the bathroom? I need a shower" You said knocking on the door.

It had been a few months since his birthday. You celebrated the year in style with movies and falling asleep before midnight even hit. Nikki had done a couple of mini tours with Brides of Destruction and The Dirt had became a best seller. Things were looking up, so you thought. But Nikki had became a bit distant, he was trying to hide himself away in his work, which you understood. You could tell he was getting more and more frustrated creatively. He watched the music charts everyday and everyday he saw Tommy's new band progressing. He saw so many ad's for Vince's tour. He knew Mick was working with other bands. Brides were not working out and it was killing him.

The guys in Brides were nice enough though Nikki and Tracii clashed a lot. They were both primary songwriters, both edgy, both egotistical. He found it really difficult to share writing songs with someone else to the point he stopped giving them any written material. They all became Tracii's songs.

You said you would be there for him no matter what, but every time you said it, it didn't seem like your words even scratched the surface. Majority of the time he would be in your studio at home or he would be at his photography studio. You understood the family man in Nikki would have to come second for a while as he hid himself away.

"Can you use downstairs? I'm gonna be a while in the shower" Nikki called back through the door.

"There's no shower downstairs, I don't wanna wash my hair in the bath" You ranted. "I'm coming in."

You walked into the bathroom, it was steamy from the shower. You looked at the side and picked up the box of dye. Red..Again.

"Nikki! Do you remember when we went without sex because of this last time" You moaned. You walked over to the shower door and pulled it open. He rubbed the water from his eyes as you stared at the random red patch in his hair.

"See, its not all over" He smirked. "It's good."

"Well..That I can tolerate" You mumbled as you looked at the box. "It's gonna wash out in a few weeks according to the box. I can wait."

"So, you gonna join me in the shower or what?"

This was the most time you had with him. When he came home late and wanted to have sex. But he'd be gone in the morning. You weren't even sure if he had slept. He'd see Izzy and Gunner sometimes. But that was the height of your marriage right now.

You had read the book. It was graphic, there were some stuff in there that you found hard to read. Especially the swapping situation between Nikki and Tommy and some poor oblivious girl. He asked if you had read the book and you just nodded. You didn't need to go into anymore detail than that.

"I'm gonna get another tattoo" Nikki said as he looked at the space under his ribs. "Maybe I'll actually get your name"

"Let's not curse us now we're finally having a drama free road" You said with a smile. "I've been tempted to get another. Maybe some roses."

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