Chapter 60 - Surprise Supergroup

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It had been a few months of touring and you were eager to pick up a guitar

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It had been a few months of touring and you were eager to pick up a guitar. Nikki had been having some phone calls recently and kept trying to hide the conversation from you, he kept telling you to mind your own business. But he did it in a jokey way so you had no concerns of an affair or something just as crazy.

After a few weeks of secrecy, he finally hinted that he was gonna tell you what was going on. He told you that Amy was gonna take Izzy for the day as he had something to show you.

"Should I be scared?" You asked as he pulled you down the hallway of the arena. "Is it Eddie Vedder?"

"No it's not Jam Pearl." He huffed at you, he pulled you in front of him and put his hands on your hips. "Open the door.."

"I can't deal with things jumping out at me. You will be a widow.." You warned and he rolled his eyes.

"Just open the door."

You opened the door and looked around to see Lita, Rach and some other woman. Lita ran up and hugged you before letting you go and hugging Nikki.

"What are you guys doing here?" You asked with a laugh hugging Rach.

"We could only keep Cheap Trick for a couple of shows. So we invited Lita to be our support" Nikki explained as Lita messed up his hair.

"That's awesome you guys" You smiled and Lita shook her head handing you your precious guitar that you had left behind. "You're joining the band"

"Come on" You snorted "I haven't played live in years"

"Exactly, neither have we. Well apart from Sheree and Rach. That's Sheree" Lita pointed out to the redhead in the corner who gave you a wave. "We're a supergroup babe. We'll play my songs, your songs, The Runaways and Nikki said he wants us to cover some unused Crue songs, to promote them and shit."

"Wow, that is impressive" You chuckled and Nikki shrugged with a smile. "I would love to join your band Lita."

"Great! Now which Crüe song can we out perform them on?" Lita tapped her lip.

"Nothing from our set" Nikki warned. He gave you a kiss and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"I love you, and thank you" You whispered and he smiled at you.  He could tell you had been missing playing and the feeling of being on stage. Plus he loved watching you live, it's one of the reasons he fell for you in the first place. He kissed you again before reaching for the door.

"I'll see you on stage. Also do you wanna borrow our back up dancers?" Nikki asked and you threw a bottle of water at him. He laughed and closed the door behind him.

"You gotta tell me all about that later" Lita asked and you nodded. You picked up your guitar, plugged it in and exhaled. Perfect.


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