Chapter 81 - Red Rage.

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"Party day" You said to yourself with a sigh as you rubbed your eyes

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"Party day" You said to yourself with a sigh as you rubbed your eyes. Walking into the bathroom you stopped dead in your tracks as Nikki dried his hair with a towel. The first thing you noticed was that your white towel was now covered with red stains, and then you noticed his hair.

"Surprise?" He said with a small smile and you ran a hand across your face.

"Of all the days to look like a crazy person, you picked today. With all the snotty parents?" You groaned.

"You could love it, give it a chance" Nikki said as he threw the towel to the side. You walked over for closer inspection and scrunched your face. It was..Obnoxiously red.

"Nope." You shook your head. "Please go buy a box of dye"

"No way, I think it's awesome" He said as he looked in the mirror.

"I feel like I'm looking at Bozo the clown" You mentioned.

"You hate clowns" Nikki stated as he played with his hair.

"Exactly" You stated picking up the damp towel with a sigh. "Well this is ruined."

You headed downstairs to where Izzy was watching TV. She ran over to you, begging for her presents.

"We gotta wait for daddy and then we can open some" You said as you sat back on the sofa. Nikki came downstairs. Izzy took one look at him and burst into tears. He went to pick her up but she screamed for you.

"C'mon sweetie, daddy's just changed his hair that's all" You mentioned soothing her as Nikki stood there shocked. "See Bozo, you're scaring our daughter on her birthday."

"You are gonna regret this when I put on a clown costume and chase you in it" Nikki warned as he pulled the presents from the cupboard.


The party was a small success so far. Everyone was getting along, the guys were here including Vince. Everything was almost perfect.

"I hate it" You moaned as you drank your soda. Lita nodded with disappointment as you both watched Nikki integrate with everyone.

"How do you convince him to change it back?"

"It's simple, the only way we're having sex is in the pitch black." You stated. You watched Nikki grin from ear to ear before running over to you with his camera.

"You gotta see this" Nikki said taking your hand and guiding you to where the kids were. He pointed to Izzy eating Ice Cream and you squealed in celebration.

"It's rum and raisin! It's rum and raisin!" You shook Nikki in excitement.

"See, she is your daughter" Nikki teased and tried to kiss you. You shook your head.

"Not with that hair Bozo. I'm being serious" You stated and Nikki rolled his eyes.

"I can last longer than you can" He smirked and you laughed.

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