Chapter 04 - The Song

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"This never gets old" You said sitting on the grassy hill staring at the city lights below you

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"This never gets old" You said sitting on the grassy hill staring at the city lights below you. You sighed as you ran the grass between your fingers. You look over your shoulder to see Nikki leaning against his bike, arms folded just watching you. "You spend weeks harassing me and now you're all quiet?"

"Just..absorbing" He says gently before sitting beside you. He doesn't bother with the lights below, he just lays on his back and tucks his arms under his head.

"Why'd you bring me here?" You asked watching his chest rise and fall peacefully.

"It's quiet. I found it earlier." He murmured, you hoped he wasn't falling asleep, you weren't planning on riding that thing back. And you had give Lita your purse.

"Shit!" You exclaimed and then started laughing. "I've given Lita everything. There's no way I'm getting my shit back tonight. God damn.."

"You can stay with me" Nikki yawned as he tugged you to him. You looked at him skeptically but his eyes were shut. You leant down slightly, just looking at him. His damn near perfect face. You wish things could be different. But maybe just to lay with him for a few seconds wouldn't hurt. You put your head on his chest and felt him snake an arm around you. It felt nice, it felt really nice. It felt safe.

"Is this where we are staying?" You giggled looking up at him. His eyes remained closed but that toothy smile appeared.

"Go to sleep drunky" He said his hands now in your hair. You chewed your lip as you watched him.

"I'm gonna do something but it doesn't mean anything and don't say anything and..and don't call me drunky." You mumbled, getting annoyed at his cute little laugh, all he did was nod and keep his eyes closed. You leant down a little, your lips hovering over his. You could, you wanted to. You smirked and dumped a handful of grass in his face.

You laughed hard as he sat up in shock, spluttering grass as his tussled his hair trying to get it out. He shoved you over gently as you laughed some more.

"Don't be cocky Sixx" You warned with a smile as you stood up with a stretch. He looked at you bewildered as you gave him a courtesy.

"You're fucked, drunky" He chuckled as he stood up. He closed the gap between the two of you as he cautiously pulled you close. You wrapped an arm around him and put your head on his chest. He was a lot taller than you. You looked up at him and he looked down at you. If you were gonna kiss him, it would be this moment. But he was over a foot away and you didn't want to ruin it by trying to reach for him.

Instead you placed a small kiss to the bare chest in front of you. It was warm, it was comfort. You flashed him a smile before walking back to his bike.

"You are something else" You heard him mutter before he joined you.


You were in his room now, he gave you a T-shirt to wear as you sat in the huge bed waiting for him to come out the bathroom. You said you didn't mind him sleeping in the bed, it was big enough for him to keep his distance. Flicking through the channels, you stopped short when you watched him walk out. Just black boxer briefs. You kept your gaze high in the sky as he climbed into bed.

"If you like what you see, there's no reason not to treat yourself" He smirked. When he received no response he turned the light off. You turned the tv off and laid against the cold pillows. You huffed as the drunk side was getting the better of you. You craved his warmth. You craved his touch.

"Hey, Nikki?" You said softly, not recognising your voice. He didn't need to respond he just shoved the pillow that was separating you to the floor and opened his arm. You snuggled in before you could change your mind. But after a few seconds, it wasn't enough. You wanted more.

It was dark, but you could make out his face, his arm underneath his head as he took the same position as he did on the grass. Your mind was fogged with curiosity and desire. 'Fuck it' your mind said as you leant down, pressing your lips softly against his. That was all he seemed to need as permission as he rolled you over in his arms, kissing you deeply. You moaned against his kiss as you tasted that sweet drug that was Nikki Sixx.

You felt his need press against you as he moved down your neck, his hands beneath his t shirt. He stopped and sighed, putting his head on your chest.

"What?" You asked shyly, you hated that you had this squeaky persona around him.

"I don't want you getting the wrong idea of me" He said moving off you as he rolled to the side. You chuckled, was he giving you a free card? You suddenly felt very aware of what was happening, how you looked, how desperate you felt.
"Nikki Sixx doesn't want to fuck me" You laughed to yourself as you got out the bed.

"You've got it wrong" He sighed as he watched you pace. He hated that he was conflicted.

"You fuck anyone and everything and you chase and chase and now you have me, you don't want me?" You asked kinda bitter. "If I had a room to go to, I'd be storming out right now."

He watched you look at the balcony. You grabbed his leather jacket and walked onto the balcony, closing the door behind you. He didn't understand how his dick was getting him in trouble.

You heard the door slide open a few minutes later as he stood next to you.

"You look cute in my jacket" He said breaking the silence. "I used to fuck everything and everyone, sure. But since rehab, I haven't wanted to fuck anyone."

"Thanks for that" You chuckled bitterly. He groaned and put his head down, his hair flopping all over the place.

"I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so badly that I want to do nothing but fuck you this whole entire fucking tour" He said exasperated. "But I want to give you more. I'm trying this new thing called chivalry. Shoot me why don't you."

You smiled. It was nice to see Nikki Sixx stumble a little, he was too near perfect, it was nice to see him wobble.

"You're married.." You pointed out as you pulled the jacket around you.

"I'm separated" He corrected, sitting down on a chair. He took your hands and lead you over to him. His hands on your ass as you shifted from side to side, your hands on his shoulders.

"You're beautiful" He mumbled with a smile.

"You're a punk" You chuckled, letting him pull you onto him. "I was sad, the day that you died. I was sad."

"I'm alive and nearly fucking sober. 5 months, how fucked up is that?" He said with a laugh. You ran circles across his chest with your finger, just staring at the tattoos.

"I want your song." He said quietly.

"What do you mean you want my song?" You chuckled "haven't you just finished an album?"

"Nearly,there's just one song missing. And I haven't got your anti man song out my head all day" He chuckled, kissing your shoulder.

"It's not an anti man song. It's a majority of guys are dickheads song. I can see Motley Crüe singing that now" You laughed at the image.

" We would change the lyrics. But the chorus I want. It's catchy" He murmured in your ear. "Let me have it."

"Mmm" You got up with a smirk and pulled back the glass doors. "You let me have it and I will think about it. And by it I mean come fuck me now Sixx before I have a moment of sanity."

"I do have many ways of persuasion" Nikki grinned, following you in.

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