Chapter 30 - October.

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It was two weeks away

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It was two weeks away. The happiest day of your life, right? Wrong.

Nikki had been trying to no end to get Tommy to reason with him. But Tommy was on his honeymoon and wouldn't hear him out. Mick offered to stand in for Tommy but Nikki refused. No Tommy, no wedding.

Nikki had spent the last few weeks depressed. He wouldn't write, wouldn't barely talk, would barely even associate with Iggy. Just kept himself to himself. You knew he was hurting and seriously considering calling off the wedding, he put it down to fate telling him it wasn't the right time.

But you had a different idea and though it made you sick to your back teeth, you had to suck it up. You headed to uptown LA, somewhere you would rarely go into. Rodeo, Beverley Hills. You had agreed to meet Satan herself at a coffee shop to talk this out.

"You actually own a dress, that's a good start" Heather commented as you sat down opposite her. Choosing to ignore her remark, you ordered yourself a coffee.

"Nikki has been depressed, Tommy is his best friend. And for whatever reason you don't like me, which is fine. But Nikki and Tommy are best friends, please don't put a wedge between them" You explained. She stirred her coffee and took a sip, never breaking eye contact with you.

"I have a friend, a mutual friend who doesn't seem to like you much either. But you have connections that she wants to make. If you help her, Tommy can go to the wedding" Heather suggested.

"Fine, who is she and what does she want?" You asked taking a drink of your own coffee.

"Alice Bates.." Heather smirked and you raised your eyebrow.

"Alice." You sighed, your ex friend had made a name for herself in pop rock now, she was doing okay as far as you knew. "I can help her, but I'm not involving Nikki."

"She wants Nikki to play on a few songs. He's the connection she wants to make" Heather smiled and you rolled your eyes. You knew what the game plan was here. Alice tries it on with Nikki, who leaves you and they live happily ever after. Nope.

"No way. She brought heroin around him last time. I'm not putting him through that. Give me something else I can help with" You ordered and Heather shook her head.

"This is the only thing I can do sweetheart. Call me when you've thought about it" Heather said, dropping some money on the table before walking off.

You rubbed your eyes as you sat at the table alone. You were torn but it wasn't your decision to make, it was Nikki's. At the same time you promised him you would do what was best for him, and him being around Alice was not that.

After arriving home you headed to Nikki's room where he sat in his pants watching TV absent mindedly. You sat by him and turned the volume down, taking his hands.

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