Chapter 21 - All planned out.

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There it was, staring back at you as the magazine lay there on the table. Everyone knew now.

"Nikki do you want the silver colour or the bronze?" You asked with the phone to your ear. You had been on the phone with the designer for the house every day this week.

"I can't choose. Go with bronze." Nikki replied to you before turning back to the guys. They were looking over a new potential song.

"When the winds cry Angela, I'll be there" Nikki sang  as Mick played the riff on his guitar.

"No please don't put my house up for sale yet. I haven't had a chance to say goodbye." You said sighing. "Look I know that I need too.."

The designer had been giving you crap about not putting your house on the market and moaning you were losing money. It was a big deal to you, you couldn't just sell it.

Nikki watched you as he listened to Tommy talk about the drum part of the song. He had noticed that you had seemed off lately. Not with him, but yourself. You constantly seemed frustrated with yourself.

When he finished with the song, he came over to you and put his arms around you. You hugged him tightly and didn't say a word. You enjoyed just having him hold you for a while.

"So something came for us this morning" Nikki said softly as he rested his chin on your head. "Lita's wedding invites came through"

"You're invited to the wedding?" You asked pretending to be shocked and he playfully hit you on the ass. "You slept with the bride and hate the groom, excuse me for questioning it"

"Hilarious. Anyway, it's not that far away. She's having it in LA, it's gonna be very rock n roll" Nikki said happy to watch you perk up.

"I'm so happy for her. Plus I need to meet this guy, give my approval" You smirked.

"On the day of the wedding? If you don't like him is she meant to be a runaway bride?" He raised an eyebrow and you nodded.

"Have the Harley ready babe, we might need it" You semi joked and he raised an eyebrow. You ran a hand through his hair and kissed him.

"Are you okay angel?" He murmured in your ear. You shot him a small smile, you went to say something but Tommy called Nikki. You closed your mouth and pulled yourself from his embrace.

"You better go see what Tommy wants. I'm gonna head to the bus" You said putting your hands in your pockets.

"Can we talk later?" He asked hopefully and you nodded forcing another smile.

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