Chapter 14 - Love and war.

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You met Nikki at soundcheck in the venue

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You met Nikki at soundcheck in the venue. He was testing the microphone and hiss bass. You caught a glimpse of Vince on the bus when you were walking down, he had three girls with him. All blonde, all beautiful. You wondered what the story was there.

As established, you weren't that much of a jealous person. But last night you hated everything and everyone. You missed Nikki, you were annoyed that Vince had attempted to barr you from the bus and then brought random girls on it. You were sad Nikki didn't call you.

You tried to figure out what it would be like when Nikki moved into his new house. You were sure you would both be there at each other's a lot, but what you had going on now was nice too.

The door to the club opened and in walked one of the blonde girls you had seen before. You frowned as she placed herself directly in front of Nikki while he soundchecked. Like she was there for the concert. You cringed as she made a little "Woo!" sound when he went higher on his bass.

"Okay we're good, can you go check mic 3 please?" The sound guy asked. He switched positions where he was opposite you now. He hadn't seen you walk in before.
"Check, check" He spoke monotonous. "Hey babe, how was last night?"

The woman spun around so quickly to stare at you. You had never felt someone's eyes try to physically hurt you as it did this girls. You walked over to the stage so Nikki could hear you.

"It was pretty shit" You admitted as you rubbed your neck. "You?"

"I picked up the phone three times to call you, but I thought you might have wanted some space" He said down the mic. The sound guy was kinda confused at the conversation present, but didn't dare question Nikki.

"Yeah, fuck everything I said before. Can we stay together please?" You asked and he smiled.

"Of course we can" He smirked. He watched as the woman came over to where you stood and tried to lean over you to get his attention.

"Lady, you can scream, yell, cry, flash me if you want but I'm not interested. " Nikki glared at her and she scoffed. "I told you last night to fuck off, so please, fuck off"

You raised an eyebrow, not enjoying your boyfriend being hit on without you being around. But you trusted Nikki and the girl made no attempts to correct him about the previous night.

"Bet you've got a tiny dick anyway" She scoffed. She went to walk away but you grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back.

"Jealousy and gold digger aren't good looks on you sweetie." You stated simply to her. "And I can safely say that anything Vince has done with you, is nothing compared to what Nikki has done with me"

She pulled her arm out your grasp and you shot her a smile as she stormed out the building.

"That was fucking hot" You heard Nikki comment and you stuck a finger up at him.

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