Chapter 58 - Fuck.

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You had been asked to do an interview with MTV about being a wife of one of the notorious Motley Crue members

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You had been asked to do an interview with MTV about being a wife of one of the notorious Motley Crue members. It seems you and Pamela were doing a part each. Though as Pamela was in labour, it was just you right now.

You felt eyes on you and heard a few wolf whistles as you walked into the studio where you were interviewing. You had decided to put on a red kinda formal kinda casual dress and a leather jacket. You had been feeling good about yourself recently.

Greeting the woman, she mentioned it would be broadcasted live and to take your time answering the questions. The cameras started rolling as you fidgeted in your chair as she introduced you.

"So you used to be in a rock band too right? Your band mate Alice has gotten quite a bit of fame recently.."

"Yeah we decided to go our separate ways. I wanted to be more involved in the songwriting and producing process. I've heard she's been doing great" You said into the microphone as you looked at the camera.

"You and Nikki Sixx we're married originally in 1990 and again very recently. What happened in between?"

"Well we were both young and we kinda threw ourselves into marriage. It didn't work out and we went our separate ways. But we found each other again and, here we are two years later" You explained, trying not to fuck up any answers.

"Pamela Anderson, wife of Tommy Lee stated that she was planning on staying home to raise their son whilst you've taken a different approach and took your daughter on the road, how has that been?"

"Well Isabella, mine and Nikki's daughter is one and she's very active and a very social baby. He didn't want to miss any key parts of her growing up so we made arrangements and it's worked out so far"

"Are you saying Tommy is happy to miss vital stages of his son growing up?" The interviewee asked with a smile, twisting your words.

"Not at all, I don't think Tommy's happy about it. But that's their business" You stated firmly, not happy.

"And Nikki Sixx has had run ins with drugs, police and alcohol. Would you say he is a good role model to your child?"

You swallowed and stared at the woman so hard, you were expecting bullet holes to appear.

"Nikki has learnt from his past and is very straight edge and clean. He is an excellent father to our child and a great husband. It would be a shame to judge everyone by their mistakes, don't you think?"

"Well that's all we have time for. I'd like to thank Mrs Sixx for joining us on the show today. Following this, please check out Motley Crüe's new single, Afraid."

As soon as you heard cut you grabbed the interviewer by the arm.

"What the fuck was that?" You asked and she glared at you snatching her sleeve away.

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