Chapter 87 - 30 Minutes Of Fame

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"You need to make up your mind" You mentioned watching him shave in the mirror

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"You need to make up your mind" You mentioned watching him shave in the mirror. He smiled as he watched you come over, wrapping your arms around him.

"So Izzy is with Amy. We've got a big tour meeting in an hour. Then it's me and you until tonight" He said as he dipped his razor in the sink.

"I don't wanna go to a tour meeting" You said with a yawn. "Can we just stay in bed all day?"

"I wish" He snorted as he washed his face. He wiped it and then turned to face you. "We could be naked all day. There's plenty of nasty things we could do."

"I think my vagina needs a break" You mumbled against him. "You're Nikki Sixx, you can make it happen."

"C'mon, lets go to the tour meeting and then we can go back to bed" He kissed your forehead and you moaned.

"Wait" You ordered tiredly. You ran a hand across the clean shaven chin with a small smile, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek. "Mmm your hair is longer, you're all clean shaven. We're on tour..Is this 89?"

"Not quite" He mumbled kissing you. "I have some bad news."

"No Nikki" You ordered knowing what was coming. "Why do you do this to me all the time?"

"It's not gonna be that short. Just a few inches" He pleaded and you huffed.

"C'mon lets go to the stupid tour meeting" You sighed walking out the bathroom.

"I've just realised that we've known each other for 10 years" Nikki mentioned as you pulled your clothes on. "Well we didn't talk to two of those, but I figure it counts."

"We're too complicated to do the back date thing" You mumbled as you pulled your boots on. "If we didn't split we would have been married for 8 or so years."

"In my mind we have been" Nikki mentioned grabbing his jacket as you both walked off the bus to the arena.

The room was big as every single band member and crew member sat around the table discussing the itinerary for the rest of the tour. You glared at Kottak as he stared at you. Nikki had an arm round the back of your chair, listening to the tour manager.

"The Scorpions have expressed that they want to cut down the support acts set. They feel that it interferes with their audience reaction."

"Such bullshit" You said hitting the table as Lita kept her head down. "This was your call right?"

James smiled at you as he leant back in his chair, grabbing the bottle of whiskey that was on the floor and pouring it into his cup.

"You're a fucking drunk" You snarled at him and everyone started panicking around you.

"Hey hey, there's no need to be like that" The tour manager said to you but Rach and Sheree were at your side.

"Babe.." Nikki frowned at you.

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