Chapter 48 - Hero Complex

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You left the house to go on food shop whilst Nikki stayed with Izzy

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You left the house to go on food shop whilst Nikki stayed with Izzy. You left, in a good mood. Everything seemed great. But the atmosphere when you got back said something else.

"I can't get over how many diapers we have to buy" You sighed as you walked into the kitchen. Nikki didn't respond to you. He just kept his back turned.

"Where's Izzy?" You asked as you took stuff out the bags.

"Sleeping" Nikki's voice said simply. You frowned and turned to face him. His face had a scowl firmly planted on it and you chewed your lip, praying it wasn't about what you guessed it was about.

"Can you remind me who's in Motley" Nikki stated, turning to face you fully. "Because last time I checked it wasn't you."

"Nikki, don't. You were just sad and depressed, what was I meant to do?" You asked defensively.

"You say things will get better and you stay out of it. You do not need to make the save all the god damn time" Nikki snapped.

"I was tired of seeing you upset. So I reached out, I did what I thought was best" You sighed, you had really put your foot in it.

"Best for who? Cause it wasn't for me. Do you know how pussy whipped I look? Sending my girlfriend to sort my shit out for me? Jesus" He ran a hand over his face as he held onto the counter top. It was the first time you had heard him call you his girlfriend, it kinda sucked.

"I am sorry I didn't mean to hurt your pride. But yours and Vince's egos were stopping you both. So yes, I spoke to Vince to see where he was at. He sent us a congrats card, I thought he was reaching out" You tried to justify.

"I'm sick of your shit. I'm not talking to you about my personal business again, I'm just not. I don't need saving so get over your fucking hero complex" Nikki snarled.

"Fine,..Fine. I'll stay out of it" You said calmly. You weren't trying to argue with him and he seemed surprised. He was trying to pull you in but you refused to bitch at him. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

"You should be, you aren't my wife. You aren't a band member. You have no right to get involved" Nikki ranted, You clenched your jaw but you refused to let him tempt you into a fight.

"Okay Nikki, whatever you want" You sighed before turning round to finish unpacking your stuff. You felt the situation linger in the air. He stormed into the garden and you watched him through the window. He sat down by the pool with the dogs either side of him, just being angry at the world.

You vowed to stay out of it. You knew after you spoke to Vince it would come down to this. You shouldn't have gotten involved, but you hoped something good would come out of it for Motley's sake.

He spent the whole day ignoring you, but talking to Izzy about everything. He went off to his band meeting and you waited for him to come back, hoping he would make the right choice.

It had been a few hours and you guessed if anything, a statement would be released to the press by now. You turned on the TV and there it was in the headlines.


You grinned as you held Izzy, it may not have been right to do, but you were damn happy you did it. Carrying Izzy to the pool, you held her in the shallow end of the pool, playing with her as the dogs ran around.

The door opened and you squinted up at Nikki. He pulled his boots off and sat on the pool's edge. He waved with a smile to Izzy as she babbled at him. You looked at him and could tell he was deciding whether or not to talk to you.

"I don't have a hero complex" You called out to him as he raised an eyebrow at you, moving his feet in the water. "It's called being a wife. It's called looking out for your husband's happiness."

"Well I didn't feel very happy at that moment" Nikki snorted and you smiled.

"Yeah but it's about the long term. And if that means that I get you giving me shit for it, then so be it. But if you're happy with your decision, then that's all I care about" You explained. You gasped as Izzy splashed you in the face and sighed.

"That's my girl" Nikki smiled. He walked round to the shallow part and sat down next to you. "You drive me crazy, y'know that?"

"That's part of my job too, keeps you on your toes" You smiled. He put his arm around you and put his head on your shoulder. "How you feeling?"

"Like a weight has been lifted" He admitted. "We came to admit what pissed us off. What to do going forward.."

"Well if you need a producer for a new album, I'm your gal" You smiled leaning back on your hands.

"Need some songs first babe. Which reminds me, about us rehearsing here tomorrow.." Nikki grinned. "Your studio is soundproof so we figured with the baby and all."

"This isn't gonna be my studio anymore is it?" You whined.


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