Chapter 59 - Wild Side

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Brandon was born and after a couple weeks, you were back on tour again

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Brandon was born and after a couple weeks, you were back on tour again. Travelling around the US wasn't so bad, there was a separate bus for you and Nikki, which everyone seemed to prefer anyway.

The press had been warned to stay away from you like you were in the edge of your seat waiting to commit violence at any point, yeah right.

You heard that the guys were auditioning for some backing singers for the remainder of the tour. It didn't cross your mind until you went into the wardrobe room. Bras, top hats, skirts, animal masks. You put it down to it being Motley Crue.

Until the show.

It wasn't just backing singers, it was backing dancers. Two very beautiful women called Christina and Britney. You heard them giggling as they put their costumes on as they discussed about how hot the guys were.

You had no issue with women lusting over Nikki, jealousy was not a usual feeling. You didn't even mind when Lita would talk about Nikki like that. But hearing Christina talk about how she was desperate to suck his dick and how she would be dancing all over him. Well that made you crazy.

They kept their distance until Wild Side, you watched them crawl towards him. He loved it, you could tell. These barely dressed women, both trying to latch onto him.  You knew this was just the Crue way, you had seen them surrounded by strippers and women like this before. But the fact you knew she wanted him was driving you insane.

He was smiling as he walked off the platform and to the mic, Christina following and running her hands over his arms and his legs. 

You were going to slap this bitch.

He turned his head to look at you as he sang and caught your expression. His grin only grew which pissed you off even more.  You hated this feeling.

The stage went dark for Glitter and you eyed the girls walking past you to get changed.

You were happy they weren't included as the song started. But they came back on stage in glittery outfits and started parading around the stage.

"Oh for fucks sake" You muttered under your breath as they both ran their hands slowly over Nikki and Vince as they sang. "Fuckers."

You left before the song ended and the interval started. You walked into the wardrobe department again to eye what other outfits these girls had. All of them may as well have just been material as expected. 

Walking out the room, you noticed the band had come off stage. Nikki was stood to the side, drinking as Christina was talking to him. It took all of your energy to not go over there and slap her. But you were also trying to prove that you didn't have the anger issues that the press were reporting about.  You walked over to join in the conversation and Nikki our an arm around you.

"Where did you go? You missed the end of the song" He asked as you smiled at Christina, letting yourself be pulled into his embrace.

"Just called to check up on our daughter" You replied. God you were being so petty. "Christina right?" You said introducing yourself to the scowling dancer.

"Yeah that's right" She huffed. Nikki gave you a quick hug before preparing to head back on stage. You took Christina's arm as she prepared to leave too.

"Next time you are talking about wanting to suck my husbands dick, maybe check around to see who else is listening" You hissed at her. "Watch yourself."

With that you let her go and she scoffed at you before walking off.

The rest of the night she still did as she was instructed to do, but with a little less enthusiasm than before. You watched the rest of the show happily and joined Nikki for your post gig routine.

"You are so jealous" Nikki smirked as you sat on the tour bus with him. You ignored him as you read some songs that had been sent to you.

"Hey" He said poking you in the side and putting his head on your shoulder. He nipped at your ear. "Don't ignore me"

"Don't play up to it" You mumbled quietly. "You knew I didn't like it and you were still all mr touch me"

"It's a show, she doesn't mean anything by it and neither do I." He watched as you scoffed with a laugh. "What?"

"I wanna suck Nikki's dick so bad, I'd give anything for him to just fuck me one time." You repeated in a mocking voice.

"No she didn't say that" Nikki laughed and you nodded.

"She definitely did, I was there" You stated. "Such a whore honestly"

"Apart from the fact that we're married. We all had a clause that we can't fuck the girls on the show" Nikki said and you scoffed. "Did I say the wrong thing?"

"Erm yes. You should have said that you wouldn't touch her if she was the last woman on earth, or that the thought of it disgusts you. Not I'm legally obligated to not fuck the back up dancer" You corrected and he smirked.

"It's nice to see this side of you sometimes. Makes me feel wanted" Nikki mumbled and you shook your head in disbelief.

"If you don't get that you're wanted from all the sex we have. And all the attention I give you, then you are deluded" You muttered as you flipped the page over.

"You've never wrote me a song" He stated rubbing his beard. You sighed and turned the paper over and scribbled on it.

Nikki Sixx has the biggest ego I know,
But I love him even though he's a pain in the ass.
No whores better touch him.

(Repeat until finish)

You slid the paper to him and carried on reading the rest of your work.

"That's the nicest thing you've ever given to me" Nikki chuckled and you smiled. "C'mon you know I wouldn't touch anyone but you"

"I know, I just don't like women talking about your dick. Apart from Lita, she's hysterical" You mentioned.

"I'll wear a sign, no talking about my dick unless you are Lita Ford." Nikki scribbled on the paper and held it to his chest. "Doc I know I'm here for a check up, but don't talk about my dick.."

"You're hilarious" You rolled your eyes as you stood up. You yelped at the firm smack to your ass and turned round at him grinning.  "You need to wear a warning sign for that ass of yours"

"You're the only one who appreciates this ass of mine. And maybe Jani Lane. And hopefully Eddie Vedder" You teased and yelped at the second smack.

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