Chapter 102 - Popularity Kills.

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You were told off, severely

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You were told off, severely. You lay there panting, the top half of you over the arm of the sofa with your ass in the air. He was leaning on you panting as the door banged. He laughed as he put his forehead against your back. He kissed your back and you hissed in pain.

"Damage has been done" Nikki admitted as he pushed himself off you. You pulled your underwear back on as he just sat on the sofa, in all his naked glory.

"You just gonna sit there?" You laughed as you clipped your bra. He watched you with a grin and nodded slowly. "What about your rehearsal?"

"Well I think that ended an hour ago when we came in here" He snorted as he pulled you to him. He kissed your stomach and held you to him as you ran a hand through his hair.

"We're gonna end up wasting another hour" You mumbled. You yelped as he nipped your hip and glared at him.

"Not a waste" He smirked. "You gonna play nice now Mrs Sixx?"

"If that's how you're gonna punish me for mouthing off, then expect a hell of a lot more" You grinned. He looked at you and you sighed. "I am sorry though. To you, not to that bitch."

"Just don't stab her with her drumsticks, that's all I ask"


You stumbled back to your bus, enjoying the after party a bit too much. You had lost Nikki, you had lost Lita and drinking all day had not done you good. You were surprised you got through the set in one piece.

"Shit" You winced as you rubbed your neck. It was covered in pink, purple and black. It had been quite an afternoon. He fucked you until you weren't angry anymore. But the damage you had both done to each other during was insane. Nikki's back was bleeding, you had a permanent handprint on your ass and a teeth imprint on your back.

"You can't even walk straight" Nikki laughed as you held onto the tourbus. He picked you up and carried you onto the bus. You watched as he smiled, his hair was a mess, he smelt like cologne and cigars. You let him pull your clothes off gently, ordering you to be quiet with a laugh. He pulled the covers over your naked, bruised body as he started to change himself. You felt overwhelmed. You felt exhausted. He turned around as he could hear you crying as you pulled the covers over your head.

"Hey, Hey what's going on?" He asked sliding in next to you and putting an arm around you.

"I'm drunk and emotional. But I really fucked up today Nikki. I insulted your friend, I drank a lot. I haven't seen Izzy all day. I'm a shit person" You sobbed and he laughed. "Stop making fun of me."

"I'm not making fun of you" He assured with a grin. "You are just drunk and emotional. You should sleep baby."

"All you do is tell me to sleep" You sniffed and he laughed again. "What now?"

"This right here, is Izzy behaviour" He laughed as you glared at him. "Now I know she's your kid."

"It's not Izzy behaviour" You glared as you rubbed your eyes. "Shut up."

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