Chapter 140 - Hormonal Lady

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"Just let me stay so I can be there Christmas Eve"

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"Just let me stay so I can be there Christmas Eve"

"No Nikki, I said you could stay on Christmas Eve in the guest room. Stop trying to push your luck" You sighed on the phone. The room was a mess, your studio was a mess and Izzy's room was a trash dump.

"Isabella get right here, right now" You yelled as you held the phone away from you.

"What's she done now?" Nikki asked. He didn't understand why he couldn't just be with you all the time. Sure you hadn't said you were back together, but he knew you wanted to be. What was the point of wasting more time apart?

"She's just a tornado." You groaned sitting down, you felt tired. With Izzy, you had aches, you felt sick but this time it felt a lot worse. You guessed your younger self could cope with it more. "Don't you have some game premier to go to with the guys?"

"Yeah I do, Vince is bringing his new wife, Micks not coming and who the fuck knows if Tommy is bringing anyone" Nikki sighed. "Come with me"

"Nikki, stop. Just because we had sex those couple of times doesn't mean this is a free for all. We're still single." You mentioned and he chuckled.

"Fine, let me find a date for tonight." Nikki mentioned as he pretended that he was looking through his little black book. "Oh she's nice..I remember her she was great in bed.."

You rolled your eyes as you heard him shuffling down the phone. "I'm just kidding. Fine I'll go..All alone."

"Have fun you punk. I'll see you tomorrow for the appointment"

Nikki met the guys at the premier of some game he didn't really give a shit about. But Gunner was really into it. The band needed the promotion for their tour anyway.

He looked behind him as he made his way through all the paparazzi to see Kat stood there. She had been bad mouthing him all over the Internet now she was with Jesse James. He didn't give a shit, he kept being asked for a comment but he didn't give one.

What could he say? She was a cheat, that she had all her men lined up in a row so she could jump between them like Frogger? Yeah, it was probably best he didn't say anything.

He headed to the bar of the launch party and got himself a drink. He waited for Tommy to come over but he was intercepted by a bunch of women.

"I bet you don't miss that" He heard someone say. He turned to see a brunette at his side smiling at him, chicks equal trouble.

"Not really, but it happens every time we step back into the spotlight" He said taking his water from the bartender. "Do you know this game?"

"Not really" She laughed as she stood next to him. "I'm Courtney. I do home ec videos on TV."

"Nice" Nikki said clinking his glass against hers. "Nikki Sixx, the one and only."

She eyed his hands as he drank just watching the event unfold. He was bored, he wanted to get out of here already.

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