Chapter 152 - 2019

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It's been 30 years Nikki.

You sat there as he got ready for the premier. Tapping the pen against the book, you smiled as he put up two different suits against him in the mirror.

Did you know it had been that long?
It seems like only yesterday that you heckled me during the soundcheck.

Can I tell you a secret?
I was hoping I would get to meet you.

"Mom I don't want to stay with Izzy" You heard Mia in the other room. "She acts like she's something special just because she's playing Lollapalooza. I want to stay with Gunner"

"Gunner has twins, Mia. He doesn't need your bratty ass to live with him too" Izzy yelled up the stairs.


You put down your pen with a sigh and closed your book, pushing yourself up. They had been at each other's throats since Izzy came back.

Nikki caught your hand as you walked past him and pulled you back.

"You gonna be okay out there?" He asked wrapping his arms around you with a smile.

You scratched his beard before tip toeing to kiss him.

"You wanna buy a ticket to the fight? An old woman whoops the ass of her 14 and 26 year old kids" You said with a smile. "You should wear the green tartan."

"You look beautiful if I haven't already said" He murmured kissing you again before letting you go.

"You did" You hummed with a smile. "But it never gets old."

You walked out your bedroom to see Izzy and Mia bickering.

Growing up, Mia admired Izzy. But she wasn't into music, she was very studious. Izzy became successful very quickly and left to tour.

It drove  a wedge between Mia and Izzy, but you hoped tonight would help them work it out.

"I brought popcorn, you've planned the movies you're gonna watch. I brought face masks and I leant you my Madonna record. What else do you want?"

You groaned glaring at them both. They both stood there in silent and shook your head.

"If I can't leave you both, then you're gonna ruin your dad's big premier. You know how long he's been looking forward to this" You growled and they both muttered an apology under their breath.

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