Chapter 18 - Divorce Party

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You looked at the papers as Nikki kissed them with a grin

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You looked at the papers as Nikki kissed them with a grin. You had been setting up the stage with the roadies when he ran up to you, showing the decree absolut. Nikki Sixx was officially a divorced man.

"We gotta throw you like a bachelor party but for divorced dudes." Tommy said rubbing his hands together. "We're in fucking Amsterdam, let's head to the red light district."

"I kinda wanted to go there" Mick spoke up and you stared at him in shock.

"I dunno, I kinda just wanted a night in with my girl, celebrate it our own way" Nikki said putting an arm round you but you shook it off.

"No way, you go out and have fun" You ordered "go watch some strippers, go laugh at Dildos in windows. Go and enjoy yourself"

"You wanna come with me?" He asked you quietly and you shook your head.

"Nope, this is you and the guys. Go have some fun after the show tonight babe. You deserve it" You grinned and grabbed some of the tape from the floor.

"This is why I wanna marry you" Nikki purred in your ear as you turned to kiss him.

"Go be a free boy for the night. Just come back to me in one piece" You smirked kissing him again.


You stood on your jacuzzi free balcony as you smoked. You heard all the boys cheering downstairs as a limo pulled up at the front of the hotel. Placing a cowboy hat on Nikki, they all bundled into the limo. Even the guys from Warrant and the roadies were going.

You smiled as they drove away, taking all the noise with them. You sat and ordered a bottle of wine to yourself as you got snug in the hotel's robes. The wine came quickly and you ran a bath, relaxing in it with your wine to hand.  It was good for you to have some time away from the madness too.

"Do you trust him?" You heard Lita say on speakerphone as you lay on the bed watching crappy TV.

"Of course I do. It's just strippers" You said with a laugh. The line went quiet and you swallowed hard. "Right?"

"Sweetheart, you sent him on a free for all in Amsterdam. They have hookers in windows. A guy comes up to you with a literal catalog of hookers babe" Lita explained and you grimaced.

"Well I don't think he will. I mean he knows he can have sex when he gets back. I mean I'm a walking buffet of sex, right? And I'm free." You asked and you heard Lita chuckle.

"Glad you have standards girl. These hookers are specialised in fetishes, does he have any fetishes? I can't remember" Lita giggled and you rolled your eyes.

"Ha ha you had sex with my boyfriend a long time ago, yes I know. He's really into neck play or whatever it's called. He's not a submissive guy, he likes the standard stuff. The scratching. The biting, the ass slapping. He's probably done more fucked up stuff with other chicks." You explained.

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