Chapter 118 - Wrasslin'

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You moaned as you woke up to Nikki buried between your legs

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You moaned as you woke up to Nikki buried between your legs. You thought you were having a really realistic dream.

"Babe, babe where's Izzy" You started panicking as you looked around the room.

"Gone out with Tommy" He said beneath the covers. You felt his mouth back on you and you laid back with another moan.

It didn't take long at all for you to feel yourself orgasm as Nikki went to work on you. As soon as you orgasmed, he moved ontop of you and began thrusting into you. You pulled the covers off him as he moaned, thrusting deeper and deeper as you wrapped your legs around him tighter. His hands ran up your arms before holding your wrists above your head.

"Fuck" You moaned as he lifted your hips up so he could hit all the places you needed him to.

"You drive me fuckin crazy" He moaned as he gripped your wrists tighter as he picked up the pace. You loved watching him move against you, the faces he would make in ecstasy as he slid into you.

You pushed him back so he sat down and you climbed ontop of him. He moaned as you teased yourself down ever so slowly. He held your ass guiding you up and down on him. He let out a deep growl as your nails clawed his back as you pushed yourself down deeper and deeper as you whimpered against him.

He slapped your ass as you rode him faster and faster as he leant up to meet your pace.

"I want to fuck you forever" He growled as he tugged your hair. He sucked at your exposed neck as he panted against you. "So fuckin perfect."

"Fuck me harder" You smiled down at him presenting him with a challenge. He nipped your lip and demanded you got on all fours. You did as you were told. You felt his hands on your hips as you stared at the shut door. You shivered as you felt his tongue move against the length of your spine. He pounded into you and you moaned as he pulled your hips up. You felt his hand in your hair as he pulled you back to hit off him as he thrusted into you harder and harder.

"Why don't we see if mommy is up yet?" You heard Tommy as the door opened. You and Nikki both screamed no in panic. Tommy looked at you both and covered Izzy's eyes. "Oh..they are wrestling, let's go get uh, let's get some soda."

"Daddy's wrestling champion" Izzy mentioned as Tommy closed the door. You growled in frustration, you were so close. Nikki panted as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Always the worst fuckin timing. Shower?" He said breathlessly and you nodded following him into the bathroom.

You knew Nikki was gonna kill Tommy one of these days.

It was a really hot day and you decided it was time to teach Izzy how to swim. You walked down in your bikini and Izzy in her swimsuit. You heard Vince wolf whistle you and you rolled your eyes.

You let Izzy paddle in the shallow area as you blew up her floats.  You put them on her and carried her out into the lake.

"Mommy" She screamed as she latched onto you in panic.

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