Chapter 146 - Dear Jani.

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The pictures turned out better than you could have ever expected

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The pictures turned out better than you could have ever expected. There were some standard pictures, and then she had caught photos of you both between poses, where he was admiring you or making you laugh. You really treasured them.

Bobbie had called you saying that her and Sharise were setting up a show for the Skylar foundation and that she wanted to do a set for Jani. She asked if you and Lita would be interested. You said you couldn't speak to for Lita, but you would be honoured. Bobbie told you which songs she wanted you to do.

You came off the phone and sat with Nikki in the studio as he was jamming with Izzy. She was so good, she was putting you to shame. Then you had an idea.

"So Bobbie called me, they are doing a show for Skylar. And she wants to do a set for Jani. She asked me if I could play a song or two.." You mentioned. Nikki took your hand and you looked at Izzy.

"Will you play it with me?" You asked and she looked at you nervously.

"It's an acoustic set, very stripped down.." You mentioned. Nikki looked at Izzy with a smile and nudged her.

"You are more than good enough" Nikki said as she looked at you.

"Yeah..Okay" She nodded.

With a shaky breath you pressed play on the cd as Heaven began playing through the studio. You hadn't listened to it since before Jani passed. You couldn't do it.

You picked up your acoustic, trying to remember the chord progression as you sang along with Jani. You expected Nikki to leave the room, he hated everything about Warrant ever since that tour. But he stayed, he stayed to support you both.

That was until Cherry Pie came on.

"Dad it's such a good song! Mom wrote it!" Izzy moaned grabbing his hand. "You should be happy that she's so cool."

"I am pretty damn cool" You grinned and Nikki rolled his eyes sitting back down.

"Don't you get any ideas about this song" Nikki warned Izzy and she scoffed.

"Your music is so much worse. I know what the songs are about. And you had me singing them when I was really young!" Izzy exclaimed and you nodded.

"She has a point."

You could do Heaven and Let it rain. Then join everyone else for a rendition of Cherry Pie. It broke you a little every time you heard his voice. Especially on Let it rain. The last song he had played for you.

"You don't have to come to this if you don't want to" You said as you lay with Nikki that night.

"I have some respects that I need to pay and I need to apologise, somehow.." Nikki mentioned quietly. "I need to show him that I'm looking after you."

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