Chapter 43 - Tattoo

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New year had been a quiet one for you for the first time

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New year had been a quiet one for you for the first time. You had spent it with Nikki and the dogs. They had integrated quite well together, Ringo appeared to be smarter than Iggy though Iggy was a lot more playful. It seemed like it was a full house right now. Nikki had lost his mind when he came in from an interview to find you painting the nursery. It was your first real argument since you had got back together. He called you irresponsible and you called him overbearing. And then you had sex.

The sex had stopped for a while however, you felt horrible. You felt unattractive, you needed to pee every few seconds and you were tired. But that didn't stop you from treating Nikki. Just because your sex drive was on hiatus didn't mean he had to suffer.

"The doctor wants to know if we wanna know the sex of the baby" Nikki said on the phone. "He said he can tell us at our check up next week"

You hadn't really spoke about it, you were convinced you were having a boy but you didn't really want to know. Everything you had been buying was very neutral.

"If you want to know then you can but I want to wait." You mentioned as you sat on the floor with the dogs. He was heading to Japan for a couple days for some press related stuff. He wasn't keen on leaving you, but he felt better that you had the dogs and you said you were gonna spend a few days working on some tracks Bob had sent you when you complained you were bored.

"Cars waiting for me out front. I'll try and call you when I get there but the time difference is fucking weird" Nikki mentioned, helping you up from the floor. You kissed him as he held you close. He kissed his hand and pressed it to your bump.

"I love you both, stay safe. I'll be back Friday" He mentioned kissing you again.

"I love you too, go have fun. But not too much without me"


You spent your first night alone listening to Bon Jovi, without any judgement from Nikki. You wanted to play your guitar but it was awkward to hold with the bump. There were so many pregnancy rules that you felt like a kid who had been left alone for the first time in their life. You ordered pizza, ice cream and soda as you ordered the dogs to keep your secret.

Day two you were bored out of your mind, there was no room for creativity because the baby kept kicking every time you listened to the tracks. You guessed the baby likes Aerosmith. You laughed as you rubbed your abdomen. You played Bon Jovi and nothing happened, excited baby had stopped. You guessed the baby had Nikki's music taste.

By the time Friday had come around, it felt like forever. You hadn't had a chance to speak to Nikki much because of the time zones. You kept falling asleep as you spoke to him and you felt really bad. You missed him so much, you felt disappointed with yourself that you couldn't go a few days without missing him so bad.

When he got home it was late, the dogs were barking and you came out your bedroom with a baseball bat, just in case. Nikki was by the door trying to quiet the dogs but they were just getting more excited. He spotted you at the top of the stairs and smiled. He held you tightly as he carried you back to your room. You kissed him, not wanting to let go as he put you on the bed. He winced against you as you ran a hand over his chest. You pulled your hand back.

"Look.." Nikki said simply as he pulled his shirt off. He took off the film stuck to his chest. There in your spot was a tattoo. You didn't wanna touch it as it looked sore, but you smiled up at him.

"That better not say bitch in Japanese" You laughed and so did he.

"It's Kanji for Angel. They did it traditionally with sticks and shit. But it's something I planned to have for a long time" He rubbed your cheek as you kissed him again.

"You're so good to me, all the god damn time" You kissed his hand as he filmed himself back up. "I can't believe you did that."

"Well why not? Even if things go bad, you have always been a massive part of my life." Nikki said lying down as you rubbed his stomach as you looked at his chest.

"I have a surprise tattoo too. It says Bon Jovi in a very hidden place" You smirked and he narrowed his eyes. "If you let me choose a tattoo for you, I would have asked for Rum and Raisin rules tattoo. On your neck"

"This is why I'm glad you didn't come with me" He smirked pulling you down for a kiss.


"So we're brainstorming ideas for a music video tomorrow. Kinda want it to be out there. Different from our others" Nikki mentioned as you walked the dogs on the beach. "Wanna input some ideas?"

"Holy shit Nikki Sixx is asking me for my opinion on a video" You laughed. "Which song have you guys chosen?"

"Hooligans." Nikki mentioned. He watched as some teenage girls approached you both, almost screaming.

"Holy shit it's Nikki Sixx" One of them cried. Nikki smirked as they stopped you both. One girl was almost crying.

"Hey ladies, how you doing?" He said with a smile as they hugged him. One rummage through her bag for a camera and handed it to you. You stood back and took a picture of them and handed the camera back.

"We love you so much" The girls cried. "We're glad you're single again. Are you going to a club tonight? Can we go?"

"Are you girls old enough?" You asked and sniggered as they glared at you.

"We would even go to a strip club if that's where you're going. We would literally do anything you wanted" One the girls pleaded with him.

"And we mean anything" One of the other girls smiled flirtatiously.

"That's a big offer, thanks" Nikki smiled patting them on the arm. "I'm actually seeing someone, so thanks but no thanks"

"You don't mean this fat woman right?" One of the girls glared looking at you up and down. You clenched your jaw, you weren't fat you were fucking pregnant.

"She's carrying my child." Nikki stated coldly. He snatched the disposable camera from the girl and dropped it on the floor, standing on it as he walked over to you.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you just did that" You laughed looking back over your shoulder as the girls tried to piece back the camera, bawling their eyes out.

"Don't act like my biggest fan and then insult my wife in the same breath" Nikki growled. "Fuckers."

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