Chapter 148 - Live Forever

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A few months on the road had passed

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A few months on the road had passed. There were ups and there were downs. The downs mainly being Vince getting in your way and you running out of emergency Oreos.

It was mid July and the baby was due in August. Everyone knew it was a boy. You didn't know for sure, but you just felt like it was. You had prepared the nursery before you left, ripping out the office and changing it for the baby. Clothes, furniture, everything.

You were heavy, so much bigger than you were with Izzy. It gave you another reason to believe that's why you were carrying a boy. Naming the baby was proving difficult, neither of you had any ideas. Nikki kept rambling that he had the perfect name for a girl, but for a boy, he just didn't know.

Tommy was suggesting the most crazy names and Nikki was suggesting really boring ones. You knew that the baby's middle name would be Jani regardless if it was a boy or girl.

You walked backstage just before the show, avoiding the area with the circus people and the clowns. One had caught you by surprise and you screamed and ran straight into Nikki's dressing room. That was one of the worst days on tour. It was one of Vince's favourites.

The shows were so good, you couldn't deny. Even if the dancers were gyrating against your husband. You didn't care anymore, the way Nikki looked at you proved that you were the only thing on his mind.

Your relationship with him hadn't changed that much but at the same time had changed completely. The biggest argument you had since getting back together was about him leaving his clothes everywhere. There were no snide asshole comments, no remarks about leaving, no remarks about other men or other women.

You had both hit a point where arguing was a waste of energy. You would stare at each other angrily until he made a joke and then it would be all fine again.


You watched the show with Izzy at your side, she was mesmerised by their onstage presence, the pyro, everything. Even if you did have to cover her eyes at some points when Vince and the dancers got a bit too much.

They began to play Girls when you felt odd. There was a dull ache in your abdomen and your headache was back. You didn't take a whole bunch of notice and it went away shortly after. You put the pain down to indigestion.

You felt a wave of nausea over take you, but it was the usual. You just wished this headache would go. You had to sit down at one point during the show, you felt dizzy. Izzy was looking at you worried, but you said you were fine. She gave you some water and you drank it as you breathed deeply. You felt shaky.

"Shall I get someone to tell dad?" Izzy asked panicked but you shook your head.

"I'm fine, don't pull him off stage for nothing" You mentioned as you held a table to steady yourself. "I'm gonna head to the dressing room, he's only got a few songs left."

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