Chapter 50 - Generation Argument

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The news broke amongst friends that Pamela was pregnant with a boy

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The news broke amongst friends that Pamela was pregnant with a boy. She had been pregnant for a while but hadn't realised. You couldn't see a bump whatsoever, you hated her sometimes. They said they were gonna call it Brandon.

Rehearsing went well for the most part, they all got to have their input and their say and the album was pretty fair on songs written by them. Vince had some, Tommy had some and Nikki had some. All about their women and kids it seemed.

They had decided that you could co produce the album with a guy called Scott. Now you were all for working on the album with a new producer. But instantly you disliked him. You felt that he looked down on you a lot of the time, and he seemed to have a problem with Mick too.

"I don't think that the guitar should be this loud, I think it needs to be more of a background rhythm" Scott said leaning over you turning the mix down.

"It's a guitar you would expect to hear the guitar" You swallowed trying not to snap, you turned the guitar back up.

"How many albums have you produced on your own? Oh that's right, none" Scott replied. "I don't like this solo"

"There's nothing wrong with the solo, it sounds great" You rubbed your temples, why was this guy so hard to work with?

You got up and left the studio, needing a break. You went downstairs to where the guys were hanging out with Izzy. Nikki shot you a "play nice" look when you came down the stairs ranting. He had asked you to work with Scott, to understand where he was coming from and to include his ideas. Nikki wouldn't listen when you said that Scott's ideas were terrible.

"Sixx can I speak to you?" Scott asked hanging in the doorway behind you. "..Alone?"

"We're all in the band Scott" Mick interrupted "anything you wanna say to Nikki, you can say to everyone"

Tommy's eyes widened as he looked between Mick and Scott. He had never seen Mick so snarly.

"Okay, I think the guitars sound fucked. I think your wife doesn't know how to produce, and I think we need to go to a proper studio" Scott stated and folded his arms.

"We don't want to do a proper studio, that's not what this albums about" Vince commented "Otherwise we'd be in Vancouver"

"What's wrong with the guitars? You made me do 15 takes on one song. All of them were fine. What the fuck man?" Mick ranted.

You eyed Nikki who stood there quietly, for once.

"We need you guys to listen to the two guitar productions and decide which one you like for A Rat Like Me."

"I think there should be no solo" Scott suggested. "Come up and listen when you're ready"

You watched Scott walk out the room and exhaled as everyone looked at each other. Nikki came over and took you to the kitchen away from everyone else.

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