Chapter 65 - All Tied Up.

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You had only been back home for a matter of days when your birthday came around

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You had only been back home for a matter of days when your birthday came around. Nikki said he had a surprise for you. He had been so upset, taking Tommy's departure kinda personally, you hoped that this surprise would be a nice distraction for you both.

He had woke you up at 5am telling you to get dressed. You noticed a suitcase by the door, but no matter how much you begged, he wouldn't tell you where you were going. You pulled some clothes on with a yawn and frowned when Amy was at the door. You listened into her and Nikki's conversation from afar.

"It's five days, I've left all of our numbers. You can do whatever you want in the house just don't go into the studio. You 100% sure about this?"

"Of course, it's gonna be just like the tour really. I'll call you if there's any issues" Amy nodded. You ran back into the bedroom and Nikki headed upstairs.

"I don't know if I can leave Izzy for that long" You choked as you rubbed your eyes. "I feel horrible."

"It's because we haven't left her before, but she's gonna be fine and we aren't going away for long" Nikki said stroking your back. "C'mon mama bear."

It took a lot for Nikki to be able to pry you away from Izzy and to leave the house. You didn't stop crying until you reached the airport.

He kept you at a distance as he went to check you both in. You were kinda excited to go away, you hadn't had an actual holiday since god knows when.

Rounding the corner he brought you some coffee as you sat in the lounge with him.

"Can you tell me where we're going now?" You asked with a smile as he wrapped his arms around you.  He fumbled in his pockets, pulling out your passport and handed it to you.


"Happy birthday baby" He murmured and you laughed hugging him tightly.


The first few days were amazing. You had taken a boat out to see the fish and the landscapes. He had booked you in for some spa session whilst he went around the town trying to find some cigars.

"Oh my god" You groaned in pleasure after your massage as you walked to your room. Nikki was sat in the hot tub with a cigar, a coffee as he wrote on his notebook which was to the side of him.

"Feeling good?" Nikki asked as you derobed and got into the tub with him. You nodded with a low moan as the jets hit you. "This has been the best trip."

"I'm glad" Nikki chuckled as you moved round to him. He held you close as you sat on his lap, watching him scribble.

"What are you writing?" You asked as you tried to read it.

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