Chapter 54 - Tapes

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The album had officially been released and you were crazy excited

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The album had officially been released and you were crazy excited. Bob had listened to it and said he was very proud of your accomplishment. You were even more excited that they were releasing Afraid first.

"God I needed that" You panted against Nikki as he held you close doing the same. Naked, sweaty, you had no idea what came over you this morning, but you looked at Nikki and decided you had to ride him. He groaned as you got off him and waddled to the bathroom.

"Do you think we've made another baby?" He asked with a grin when you yelled he better not have. He stood up stretching his back. He put his head round the doorway of the nursery to check Izzy was still sleeping before walking downstairs.

"Dude What the fuck?" He jumped, hiding himself as Lita walked out the kitchen. She looked at him with wide eyes and shook her head.

"Why did we break up Sixxter? God damn you're so fuckin fine" She grumbled before walking into the living room. He made sure she closed the door before jogging back upstairs and into the bedroom. Walking into the bathroom, he got into the shower with you.

"Babe, why is Lita in our house?" He asked as he stuck his head in the water.

"Oh she's staying in the downstairs guest room whilst her house is being renovated. I swore I told you" You mumbled as you washed your hair.

"Well I don't think you did, cause I wouldn't have walked downstairs naked otherwise" Nikki grumbled and you laughed. "She seen the goods"

"Honestly I'm surprised she didn't jump you, the way she talks about you" You chuckled. "I still don't know the story there"

"I'm not sure you want to" Nikki replied as he leant against you. "Y'know I think we could fit another round in before the baby wakes up"

"We haven't had shower sex in a really long time"
You smiled as he picked you up.


"You go on tour after every major event" You mumbled as you watched him work on the tour plan. He was still convinced he could take you and Izzy along for the ride.

"We get a separate bus, we could bring the sitter out with us so you can still do all the stuff you wanna do"  Nikki tried to persuade you, but you weren't sure.

"Brandon will be born by then and then what if Tommy wants to bring his kid. You want 3 separate tour buses?" You quizzed and he sighed.

"I'm gonna figure it out, but you are both coming with me. I'm not being away from you for so long" He stated.

"So I've booked the wedding cake and a photographer. I'll wear my dress, you'll wear your suit. I'll get a little dress for Izzy. Do we need anything else?" You asked and Nikki waved you off.

"Everything else I've got covered" He mumbled as you brought him coffee. "Thanks babe."

"So the music video, when are you shooting that?" You asked kinda excited to see it.

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