Chapter 16 - Win all, gain nothing.

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It had been a few hours since you had got back

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It had been a few hours since you had got back. You had checked the venue, checked his bus but there was no sign of Nikki. Your breath hitched in your throat, he had probably changed his mind.

You went to your room to get your stuff together to find a bunch of Crimson roses sat on your bed. You held in a sob as you read the card. Grabbing your jacket, you headed outside. It was dark, it was early hours of the morning. But you followed the sound of the engine you could hear. He was sat on his Harley, waiting for you.

You hesitantly went over to him and he moved back, you sat in front of him. No words were spoken as he drove off into the night. He took you to a place very similar to where you were with Lita before. You didn't move off the Harley and neither did he. He just held you close as you stared into the distance.

"I freaked out. I was paranoid" He broke the silence as he rested his chin on your shoulder. "I'm so scared of falling into old habits"

"I understand" You said quietly. "Nikki, if I had known.."

"I know" His tone matching yours. "..If you wanna leave, I understand."

"I never wanted to leave, Nikki" You said as you felt yourself crying again. He got off the bike and hovered beside you. He wiped your tears away and kissed your head.

"Please don't cry" He said softly. "I hate seeing you upset. I'd give anything for you to call me an asshole or cuss me out. I don't like seeing you cry"

"You're an asshole" You said through your sobs as you wiped your eyes. "Great now I've got mascara running."

"You're like a beautiful panda" Nikki smirked and you hit him on the arm playfully.

"I promise to try and talk through my issues with you before jumping to conclusions, if you'll stay?" He asked sincerely.

"Of course I'm gonna stay. I'm not gonna run away Nikki. I'm not gonna abandon you"  You hugged him close and he sighed happily.

"It's nice to hear someone say that" He whispered almost too quietly.

"Cmon, lets go annoy Vince" You said with a smile. You leant to look in his side mirror and grimaced, trying to rub the make up from under your eyes. You watched Nikki in your reflection, he kissed your cheek and you both sat there, watching yourselves for a moment in the tiny mirror. 

"I'm gonna keep you for as long as I can"


You had spent the following day with Nikki, you taught him the bass lines to your songs as he agreed to help you. You had teased him relentlessly all day about actually being able to play and not miming like everyone said.

"This band is going to shit isn't it?" Rach asked just before you went onstage. You couldn't help but silently agree with her.

"Just a bump in the road, that's all" You said reassuringly to her, but you weren't sure how convincing you seemed.

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