Chapter 153 - Third Time.

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"Are you sure about this?" Lita asked as she handed you your bouquet

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"Are you sure about this?" Lita asked as she handed you your bouquet. "Cause there's still time to run."

"I'm sure Lita" You said with a smile. Walking through the hotel lobby, you heard applause from strangers around you. Heading through the back, you walked along the beach front. It was so beautiful, sunset.

You heard the violin's play your cheesy ass Madonna song. You had done your scary castle wedding, you had done a basic garden wedding. Here was your traditional cheese that you craved for so long.

Nikki smiled as everyone turned to face you. You walked up to him with Mick holding onto you.

"You promise this is the last time?" Mick asked as you reached the top. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, you'd make no promises. You would marry Nikki over and over again if he asked you to.

Nikki took your hand as he brought you in front of the officiator. He mouthed the word 'Beautiful' to you and you blushed. His boyish smirk appeared as he did nothing but stare at you.

"Would you like to read each other your vows?"

Nikki nodded as he stroked your hand. No piece of paper needed.

"Third time lucky. I never thought I'd marry someone three times. Even if we are just renewing our vows" Nikki chuckled. "Nothing has changed, yet everything has. When I dared myself to try and do this without you, I couldn't. And I wouldn't want to. The thought of being without you, it leaves me feeling empty...You are the inspiration behind every nice song I write, you inspired our daughter to follow her dreams. You constantly push boundaries that people try and set for you and I admire that so much.
I love you Angel, thank you for being mine."

You wiped your eyes and laughed as he held your hands. You read your own vows which were very similar to his. But you didn't want to say too much, you had a whole book waiting for him.

The party was a lot of fun, Izzy and Brandon were so sweet together. Nikki acted like he wasn't happy with it, but he was grateful that she was with someone he had known for so long.

"Dudes, you've been married three times. I'm still waiting for one to stick" Tommy said as he stood with you both.

"Actually Tommy, I may be able to help you" You said with a smile. Your babysitter Brittany was young, in her late 20s. And every time Tommy came round, she would just look at him like a lovestruck teenager. You invited her to the wedding, with the hope of something flourishing between them.

Nikki told you to not ruin your relationship with the babysitter by setting her up with Tommy.

"I think you should ask Brittany if she wants to dance" You mentioned as you brushed down his suit. He did look very handsome.

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