Chapter 03 - Insecure

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Timelines are a bit strange in this story and some events have been moved around

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Timelines are a bit strange in this story and some events have been moved around. Don't hate.

Two weeks you had put up with Mr Doom and Gloom's advances and it had not gotten easier to deny them by any means.

Your best friend Lita has stopped by on tour to play a couple songs with you and hang out. And she was all about the scoop.

"He has non stopped asked me about you since I landed" Lita said as you sat backstage, watching her fiddle with a lone guitar. You could hear the sweet sounds of Crüe on stage right now.

"But why?" You groaned, agitated. "He has a porno wife, he's just came off drugs, he's still drinking, his band mates are bringing groupies round 24 fucking 7. So why me?!"

"You won't give him what he wants" Lita shrugged "Sixx was one of my nearest and dearest, but he is a brat. You turning him down makes him want you more. Give him what he wants and he'll leave you alone."

You kinda didn't want him to leave you alone, you weren't a girl to be discarded right after sex but at the same time, winding up Nikki had been a lot of fun.

"The groupie thing is Vince. Tommy's been hanging out with Rachel and Mick is..strange. You are his new addiction" Lita said with a smirk before handing you the guitar. "Show me some new stuff"

"Show her that one about guys being guys.." Alice said with a smile "she's hit the nail on the head with this one."

You were about to when you were interrupted by your dressing room door opening. Nikki popped his head round, smiling when he seen Lita. She let out a high pitched noise as she grabbed him, pulling him into the room.

You grimaced as you watched her plant a kiss on his cheeks and hug him tight. You turned back around, picking at the guitar, ignoring what was going on. Until he came and sat next to you, his boots propped up on the little table in front of you with that usual smile. He must have just got off stage, cause he was sweaty, he was wearing some cap which he occasionally wore on stage and he was shirtless.

"We were about to rehearse a new song so.." Alice cleared her throat, hinting at Sixx.

"I'd be happy to critique" He said with a shrug to which Lita laughed.

"C'mon kid, lets go round the block" Lita said taking Alices hand. You looked at her bewildered, confused as to why you were being left high and dry. The door shut before you could say anything and you just groaned.

"Why are you in my dressing room?" You asked almost defeated. You leant back against the sofa, looking at him as he stared at you. His smile was no more, he looked kinda cautious. He licked his lips and nudged the guitar.


"'ll think it's stupid" You mumbled

"Since when do you give a shit what I think?" He smiled again. "Play"

"It's crazy how the guys come into the room
Demanding all respect.
They go crazy and lose their minds when a girl spreads her legs.
I've been all around the globe and it's all the same
I guess that's the name of their game.
Just give them their toys
As they say, boys will be boys.

It's the same ol' same ol' situation
It's the same ol' same ol' stupid game.."

You smirked as you shrugged, finishing the chords as you sat back. You watched the cogs turn in Nikki's head as he smiled.

"You gonna do something with it?" He asked watching you put the guitar down.

"Probably not. It's up to the girls" You shrugged. "I have a lot of crap like that. Just do nothing with it"

He scratched his stubbly chin and put an arm behind you. You hitched a breath as he leant in close, you could smell his muskiness, which wasn't even a bad thing. You smelt his aftershave, you smelt his whiskey. You stared down at your legs, not daring to face him as your hair tickled his cheek.

"I like it" He murmured softly into your ear. You chewed the inside of your lip, turning to him as he leant back to his original spot.

"Are you just desperate for me Sixx? Are you just here to get some?" You questioned, standing up now and heading to your mini fridge. You grabbed the mini bottles sat there and downed one. You chucked one onto his lap and he did the same.

"Do I want to fuck you?" He asked rhetorically. "Yes. Is it more than lust? Yes."

"What is it then?" You asked with a snort as you sat back down. "You look at me like you're hungry"

You watched as he stilled, something running across his face, some kind of emotion.

"Yeah, I am" He said blankly. "I need you. All of you"

"You don't even know me Sixx" You shook your head. His words made your heart lurch as your head felt ashamed. He didn't know you. He hadn't tried to know you. You were just a sweet sweet craving to his recovery. Soon to be forgotten.

"You kinda won't give me a chance" He said raising an eyebrow. "Open up to me."

"Yeah no." You suddenly not feeling very comfortable with his poetic emotions. "I've gotta go"

—- —/

"What's gotten into you?" Alice asked as she tried to keep you propped up at the rock bar you and the rest of the bands were in. Truth was, you were fucked up and insecure. And you just wanted to drink and forget.

"Cmon let her live, let's go dance.." Lita dragged you away from Alice's safety net and onto the dance floor. You were numb, you were dancing to a song you couldn't name. You didn't care, bottle in hand you were there for a good time, not a long time.
"Doom and gloom" Lita said with a smile pointing behind you. You looked as he sat there in a booth with Tommy and Mick, his eyes boring into your form dancing around.

"Come fucking get it" You said quietly as you stared at him. He knew, oh he's knew. He excused himself from the booth and strutted over to you. His tanned, chest, the tattoos peeking out at you. He was so tall. All these things were running through your mind, you didn't realise he was stood in front of you, talking.

"What did you say?" You asked loudly over the music.

"Wanna get outta here?" He asked to which you nodded. You went to walk out the front but he grabbed your hand and led you to the back.

"Where are we going" You quizzed, leaning into him for support. You eyed the Harley sat there and shook your head.

"Nope, you've been drinking, I am way getting on that.." You hiccuped and he chuckled.

"I haven't drank" He said walking you to the bike. You eyed him suspiciously and sat on it anyway as he sat behind you. You ran your fingers across the chrome handlebars that came up past your head. It was smooth, it was beautiful. You knew he was staring at you, watching you touch everything so delicately. You didn't care. He gave you your moment.

The engine roared as he kicked the stand away. You leant back into him, unafraid. He flashed you that boyish smile as he rode away.

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