Chapter 143 - You're Nobody..

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Christmas came around a lot quicker than you anticipated

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Christmas came around a lot quicker than you anticipated. You had tried to stop yourself kissing and hugging and having sex with Nikki so much. It wasn't fair to him, you didn't want him to believe that everything was just okay again. When it wasn't.

Was it?

You watched as the kids opened their presents. You were sad you missed this last year. Gunner hugged you tight as he unwrapped a new console, he had been going on and on about it for months according to Nikki. You looked at Nikki, nodding at him to go get Izzy's present.

You were excited for this one, really excited. It was hard to let go of, but she deserved it. Nikki came down the stairs and handed you the guitar case. You walked over to Izzy with it and she eyed it, confused.

"Mom, what are you doing?" She asked as you slid the case towards her. She looked at you wearily as she opened the case. There sat your guitar, the guitar Mick had given you so many years ago. The one you played with every night for the rest of that tour and all the other tours and shows that came after.

"Mom.." Izzy said tearily as she wiped her eyes as you rubbed her shoulder. She had seen you with this guitar her whole life and now you were giving it to her.

She clung to you as she cried and you hugged her tight with a smile.

"You've been playing so well, your mom thought you deserved this" Nikki said rubbing her back.

"Uncle Mick gave this to me and it's one of the greatest gifts I had ever been given, it inspired me so much. And now I want it to inspire you. I want you to play this as much as you can. You're doing so great bug" You said as you took it out the case and handed it to her. She held onto it like it was the most precious thing she had ever touched.

"I love you guys so much" She said hugging Nikki too.

"Oh yeah I got you an amp to go with it. It's brand new, I had Mick help me pick it out..For your show" Nikki said with a grin as he lay on the floor. Izzy squealed as she hugged Nikki tightly.

You and Nikki had agreed to not buy for each other and just focus on the kids. And it was the best thing to do, you didn't want to give him the wrong impression. Right?

After a while Lita came round with her own presents, you rolled your eyes at the never ending strip of condoms she had given you.

"Now he's all back in business, I don't want you to end up with 12 kids" Lita nudged you.

"I believe these are for you" You mentioned as you handed them to Nikki. He scoffed at the condoms and shook his head.

"We've never ever used condoms. Ever" Nikki said as you stood in the kitchen.

"It's more for your next girlfriend" You said as you sipped your water. He looked at you with a frown as Lita went into the living room to give the kids their presents.

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