Chapter 32 - Vancouver.

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 Vancouver seemed to be your home away from home

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Vancouver seemed to be your home away from home. You had spent so much time there, the hotel staff always had a designated room for you.

You had worked with Jon on some of his solo work as well as working with Aerosmith on their track Crazy which they weren't looking to release for a while. You hadn't even bothered going back home as the guys were flying up to record all their new tracks. They called it the album to hold their fans over whilst they worked on something bigger.

The issue the band were facing was the new wave of heavy metal and grunge. Metallica had knocked them off the top spot and were the new fan favourites. So they all agreed to listen to you and Mick's idea of doing something heavier, more industrial. Vince hated it. Sharise and Heather came along for the ride. You didn't mind Sharise but Heather you could do without.

"You're gonna need the heavier amps, like the ones we used for Metallica" Bob looked at you skeptically but he always trusted you. You were like his right hand woman now.

"Where are these guys? Why are they always late?" He asked looking at the clock as it read midday. They were always notoriously late. But you were excited, you hadn't seen Nikki in a few weeks and you had missed him. He said he was having some major disputes with Vince and it was getting beyond serious. You were worried for their future but you kept your mouth shut.

"Mr Mars, nice of you to join us" Bob announced as he walked in with his guitar in hand. You hugged Mick tightly as he tried to move away from you. You chuckled until you seen Nikki come in behind him. He grabbed you and pressed kisses all over your face as you laughed. "You're blonde again.." You pointed to the patch in his hair and he smirked.

"Please don't greet me in the same way" Bob remarked as Nikki shook his hand.

"I'm stealing my wife while you guys set up" Nikki ordered as he pulled you into one of the other rooms.

"He's already late and now he's delaying even more" Bob rolled his eyes as he waited for Tommy and Vince. After they both finally turned up, Tommy went to go dump his stuff in the room.

"I wouldn't go.." Bob called as Tommy stood in the doorway laughing.

"It's great to see you Mrs Sixx, especially in this position" Tommy laughed

"Close the fuckin door dude" Nikki yelled. Tommy grabbed his drumsticks and headed back into the room, running over and tapping them on Nikki's bare ass. You stifled a giggle as Nikki gritted his teeth. Tommy laughed and ran back into the other room.

"Maybe later.." You chuckled kissing his forehead as he moved off you and pulled his jeans back up as you did the same. He sighed in annoyance as he followed you out, frustrated.


"Primal has to have a thick wall of sound" You explained to the guys as you pointed out the way you had arranged the recording studio. "Together it's gonna sound a bit overwhelming. But when we come to record your parts separately, it's gonna sound awesome."

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