Chapter 91 - Brandi, such a fine girl.

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The last day of the tour

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The last day of the tour. The last fucking show. In LA. You could have gone straight home. Could have. Tommy made one show appearance, for one song. And hell broke loose.


You were getting changed backstage, getting your shit together. Double checking everything would make it home with you before going to meet Nikki after his set. A stagehand came running, yelling at you so fast and so incomprehendable.

"Slow down kid, what's going on?" You asked and he told you. He told you 4 times until it sunk in. You didn't even ask what for, you just got your jacket and grabbed a taxi to the station.

The police station was packed, it was a Saturday night in LA so what else was new really. You stood in the queue for the desk, tapping your foot. You couldn't believe it, the small TV in the corner of the room played coverage of the event.

"Tommy Lee and bassist Nikki Sixx were arrested tonight for inciting riots and also assault on a security guard. More news to come."

You knew it must have been something for Nikki and Tommy to assault someone. But still, jail?!

"Yeah I'm here to post bail for Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee" You mumbled when you got to the front. You expected a lot, but it turned out it was only $500 each.  You wrote out a cheque and slid it to him. The guard told you to take a seat.

It was a couple hours after you posted bail. You were still waiting on Nikki's release. You were relying on Amy to stay with Izzy but nothing had really been discussed.

"I have a little girl waiting for me to take her home. Can you get my husband out of his damn cell?" You barked at the guard who glared at you.

"You wanna end up in here too ma'am?" The guard suggested and you glared back at him.

"For what? Pointing out your pure laziness or your stupid judgement?" You muttered as you walked back to your seat.

"I've had enough of your mouth lady" The guard said and you rolled your eyes.

Eventually they brought out Nikki and Tommy. Both still in their stage gear. You handed Tommy your jacket, as he was only in his little tight leather shorts.

"Let's just get the fuck home, you can explain it to me later. It's 3am. C'mon" You interrupted Nikki as you headed outside.

It took another hour for you to get to the arena, grab Izzy, grab your stuff and drive home.  You yawned when you got in, putting Izzy straight to bed as she fell asleep on your shoulder. You greeted the dogs and pulled off your clothes, getting into your bed.

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