Chapter 128 - Lonely Christmas

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"So she lives with her friend

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"So she lives with her friend. And her friend keeps rubbing it in Nikki's face. And Nikki's told he repeatedly that he doesn't like it" Lita ranted as you walked about the house, clearing up stuff.

"Why are you telling me this stuff?" You asked opening a sofa. You groaned as you walked in and she had put it on the tv.

"I want you to move on but Nikki isn't happy" Lita said patting the sofa. You sat and watched the episode in silence. Kat wanted Nikki to give a foreword on her book or something. You were trying not to pay attention. You watched as he kissed her and felt your stomach turn. You hadn't seen anything like that yet. Nothing.

"Lita please turn it off. I can't watch this" You said as you ran your hands over your face. "It's like torture"

"Okay, I've turned it off. I just thought if we could understand what he's thinking or doing then.."

"Then what? He would magically come sweep me off my feet, say he's sorry and then do this to me again in another 6 years or so?" You snapped as Lita shrunk back into the sofa. You sighed and ran a hand through your hair.

"I'm sorry Lita, I know you wanted me and Nikki to work. I did too" You said sadly. "But now I'm your cool single friend again."

"It's December, maybe we could find you a boyfriend in time for Christmas" Lita suggested and you shook your head. "Where is Izzy going for Christmas?"

"I told Nikki that she should be with him for Christmas. He has Gunner, it seems less sad than it would be just me and her" You said with a moan. "My life's peaked really."

"You can be with me for Christmas. I mean I can't cook for shit. But we could drink and burn shit" Lita said and you looked at her skeptically.


"Honestly though, I'm all for couple diversity. But she is a couple of inches taller than him and it's freaking me out. And that Hollywood tramp tattoo she has above her pussy is gross" Lita cringed as Kat came back on the TV.


"So I'm staying with daddy for Christmas?" Izzy asked and you nodded as you gave her her coat. "How will Santa know to take my presents there?"

"I messaged him especially" You said with watery eyes as Nikki stood in the door. "Then you'll see me the day after and you can open your presents from me"

"I don't think it's okay for mommy to be alone on Christmas" Izzy said looking at Nikki. He stood there awkwardly as he spun his car keys on his finger.

"You wanna come over?" He asked out of courtesy but you knew he was praying you would say no.

"I'm good I have Dan and Lita coming round" You lied and Nikki cleared his throat as he muttered of course.

"C'mon Iz, its time to go" Nikki said as he opened his car. "Merry Christmas."

You watched Izzy run past him to the car where Gunner was sat inside. Gunner smiled and waved at you as you waved back.

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