Chapter 70 - Spike

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You had presented Nikki with your list the very same night

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You had presented Nikki with your list the very same night. Which wasn't a huge deal to some, but the fact you were excited about something was a positive thing.

In the middle of the night you heard him on the phone to someone demanding that they sort out one of the things you wanted to do. He wasn't leaving this up in the air, he was gonna make sure you tried everything you wanted to try.

The next day Tommy came round, he seemed pleasantly surprised to see you up, dressed and looking after Izzy. You watched as Nikki took him to the side to talk to him. You had called Lita to discuss band stuff which she seemed interested in, you were gonna meet up tomorrow to talk about it.

You heard Nikki calling you and you followed, carrying Izzy with you. You found him in the studio with Tommy sat in front of the drums.

"Here you go" Tommy said handing you some sticks. You smirked as Nikki sat on the sofa opposite with Izzy.

You had played bass, you had played guitar, you could play a bit of piano and you could sing. But drums were the one instrument that you could not play if your life depended on it. Tommy winced a few times as he watched you attempt to keep a beat.

"It's fine, Sixx can't play in time either" Tommy joked and Nikki chuckled.

"Nikki can you get the drumstick out of Izzy's mouth,  so many people have used those" You commented watching Izzy chew on the spare. Nikki tried to pry it away from her but she started screaming.

"You wanna go back to bed? Cause I will put you back to bed" Nikki scolded Izzy as she glared at him. "No?"

"Fuck" Izzy responded almost too sweetly and Nikki rolled his eyes.

"She's got a mouth on her." Tommy snorted "She can't marry Brandon cussing like that."

"She's not marrying any son of yours T Bone" Nikki snorted.

"I'm bored of playing this stupid beat" You whined. "Teach me one of yours Tommy"

"Mine aren't exactly simple babe" Tommy rubbed his chin. "Dr Feelgood is fairly basic. It's a swing beat though"

"I can do it" You announced trying to twirl the drumstick in between your fingers. You watched as it dropped to the floor and sighed. "Someday."

"Get your bass Sixxter" Tommy ordered as you sat with Izzy.

He showed you the song a couple of times, like you didn't already have it imprinted in your brain from every show you had seen.

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