Chapter 136 - Moving.

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John had gone back out on tour with Bon Jovi, he invited you along but you declined

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John had gone back out on tour with Bon Jovi, he invited you along but you declined. You didn't want to take Izzy out of school anymore, it wasn't fair. John agreed but he had to take Daisy with him. Izzy enjoyed having someone younger around, she had someone to play with who wasn't Gunner.

Tommy finished his drum take and you finished mixing it in the same day. He smiled at you as you played it to him. He said he was gonna call Nikki and let him know it was finished. It was just rough take, they would have to re-record it with Vince and Mick but at least it was something to present.

Ten minutes it took Nikki to get round to you, he listened to it with a grin and high fived Tommy. He asked you to email it to his manager so they could send it onwards.

"This is it folks" Tommy said hugging you both. You were surprised when the doorbell rang. Apart from Lita, who had agreed to go on tour with Phil, nobody was missing. You opened the door and grimaced in horror as your mom barged past you.

"Uh mom what are you doing here?" You asked as you closed the door. She walked around the house as you tried to clear some of Izzy's stuff away as she scoffed.

"I thought I'd come by, surprise you so you couldn't continue to hide your husband from me" She mentioned sitting down. She eyed you as you made no effort to move. "Go get him and Izzy then.."

"Okay" You groaned nervously as you headed upstairs. You opened the studio door and waved Nikki over. He looked at Tommy and shrugged before following you out.

"My moms here, she doesn't know we've separated. Can you put on a bit of a performance for her please? Just don't mention anything about anything. If she asks, you've been on a world tour" You said breathlessly.

"Pretend to be your husband? I don't know, that seems a lot of work to me" Nikki teased as you elbowed him. "I'll go inform Izzy."

You headed downstairs as the term 'happy families' repeated in your head over and over again. You made your mom a drink in the kitchen as she exclaimed excitedly when Nikki and Izzy walked into the living room. You could never tell if she liked Nikki or not. To his face, she adored him. On the phone, she thought he was apart of some prison gang.

You took the drink into your mom and handed it to her before sitting down next to Nikki. He put an arm around you and you rolled your eyes. You knew he was gonna take full advantage of this.

"So Nikki, you've been on a world tour? Where did you go?" She asked. She pulled a face after sipping her coffee and turned to you. "I don't know how you found someone to marry you. You can't cook, you can't even make coffee."

You shrugged with a sigh as she turned back to Nikki, waiting for his explanation.

"Well I went to Europe and uh.." He trailed off as he looked at you. Sat there with defeat written across your face. He saw it after every meet, after every phone call with your mom. "Actually I don't appreciate you talking to her like that. I'm very lucky to be married to her."

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