Chapter 06 - Issues

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You had never had so much fun on a tour bus in your life

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You had never had so much fun on a tour bus in your life. Normally it was cramped, you would all try and sleep and forget you were on it until you got to the destination. But you didn't want this to end.

You all sat around, discussing Motley's new album, listening to some of the demos. And you were impressed. You eyed Lita going off with Vince yet again, you weren't sure how that guy did it. You were friends with them all, but Vince and you had some kind of barrier. He was cocky and you were unsubmissive. 

You talked riffs with Mick, especially when it came to Dr Feelgood, you were so impressed with what you had heard on the demo. You couldn't wait to hear it produced.

"So you're giving them our song?" Alice asked curiously. "Just like that?"

"Uh oh" Tommy grinned standing up and getting himself more booze. Rachel looked at you concerned and you shrugged.

"You guys never wanna use my songs and it was just gonna go to waste." You mentioned, lighting up another cigarette. "Not saying that in a mean way, most of my stuff is shit"

"But we liked that one" Alice pouted with a sigh. She looked around and shook her head, mumbling something about preferring to be on the road with the scorpions.  "Why do you want the song?"

Nikki had his arm around you, just watching everyone converse initially, but when Alice addressed him, he sat forward.

"It's a good song, good melody. Shame to waste it, especially if it's unappreciated" He said, his tone almost laced with a snarl. You frowned, you hadn't seen him like this.

"We appreciate it!" Alice said exasperated "I just don't get why you want it? Don't you pride yourself on being the only songwriter. Mr hey hey look at me?"

"Alice" You warned and she looked at you in disbelief. "You said it yourself when we met them. He acts like a rockstar but he just runs over his band"

"We said that as a war of words when they were joking around. It wasn't serious" You reminded her but she threw her arms down in defeat.

"Alice, Cmon.." Rach took her hand and led her to one of the rooms in the back. You looked at Nikki, his jaw was clenched and his fists were too. You sighed and rubbed your temples. You took his hand in yours, you stood up and gestures for him to head to the back with you. His demeanour broke a little and he followed you.

You pulled the door closed as he lay back on the bed with a huff. You looked around the room, it was kinda dark. A lot of black, lot of red. Lots of candles and two guitars propped up in the corner. It was definitely him all over.

Laying to the side of him, you didn't say a word. His jaw kept clenching and unclenching, like he wanted to rant but kept holding back. You guessed way back when he would rant too much and get on peoples nerves with his outgoing ways. Or he would rant too little and get fucked up instead.

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