Chapter 142 - Built For Two.

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You sat and listened the Home shopping channel as you lay on the sofa

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You sat and listened the Home shopping channel as you lay on the sofa. The guys were getting ready to do their first show of the tour after Christmas. You enjoyed watching Courtney on the how to channel. It gave you so many tips on what to do round the house.

You had a blinding headache, you put it down to stress but they were almost everyday. It got to a point that you could only listen to the TV instead of watching it. Painkillers weren't working, it was only at certain times of the day. But you weren't gonna let it stop you from getting on.

Nikki called you, you answered but he seemed to be freaking out down the phone.

"Nikki? What's going on?" You asked as you couldn't understand his ranting. "Nikki, talk to me in a calm normal way."

"There's a naked girl in my apartment" He said breathlessly.

"Congratulations, you want a fucking award?" You snapped, hanging up on him. Why was he flaunting about women being in his house? You felt a tug of jealousy as you turned the TV off. You didn't want him dating other women.

Stupid hormones.

This separation sucked.

Your phone rang again and you answered it, not even saying anything.

"I worded that wrong. There's a naked girl who I don't know in my apartment." Nikki sighed. "I freaked out and called the cops, I don't know how the hell she got in here or how she even knows where I live."

"Well where is she now?" You asked worrying.

"She's with the cops, I managed to keep her preoccupied by showing her my clothes until they came. It was terrifying, she was just on my fucking sofa, completely naked."

"You didn't fuck her did you?" You asked and he laughed down the phone.

"I was done fucking crazy bitches after Brandi. Let alone one who broke into my fuckin house. That shit doesn't get me off as much as you probably think" Nikki mentioned with an uneasy sigh.

"This shit makes me so fucking paranoid. I fucking hate it" He exclaimed. "Anywhere else, I'd take it as a joke. But don't come onto my property. My fuckin son lives in that house."

"If she knows where you live, there's probably a lot of other people who know too.." You said worried as you fiddled with your rings.

"I'm gonna have to put me and Gunner up in a hotel until I can find a new place"

"No, you're not doing that" You groaned as you closed your eyes as you went over the words you were about to say. "You and Gunner can move back in."

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