Chapter 73 - Newsflash

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"It's really nice to meet you, thanks for coming on the show" The interviewer greeted you as you smiled, patting your dress down

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"It's really nice to meet you, thanks for coming on the show" The interviewer greeted you as you smiled, patting your dress down.

There had been some press arranged now you and Lita had announced you were joining forces to make new music.

"You and Lita Ford are big names in the industry, but maybe not so much in the current time. Do you feel intimidated by the music being produced" The interviewer asked.

"No, not at all" You said with a smile at him. "If anything it drives me. Some of it is so good, that I want to be apart of it and here we are"

"A lot of your fans from a few years ago have rumoured this route for you for a long time. But you've actually done a lot of production work in your time away from the stage right?"

"That's correct, I have a lot of production and writing credits. And it's from just getting to know bands, enjoying their sound. And they enjoy how I visualise stuff they've written" You explained with a grin. "It's been a great adventure for sure."

"Speaking of writing, your husband Nikki Sixx once said his greatest issue is that all he writes are hit songs. Do you feel the same way about yourself?"

"Of course he would say that" You laughed and shook your head. "Nikki is an amazing songwriter, it's all he does. I give some input, but my writing skills aren't crazy. He will write throughout the day whereas for me I kinda hate all the lyrics I write. So I will leave that to Lita."

"But you write the music though, you enjoy that part?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Oh definitely, I'm just not a poetic person through words. But with a guitar, I can say what I wanna say" You nodded.

You finished the interview and walked off the set as you headed the car outside. You noticed some missed calls on your phone and you put it aside, you weren't sure what your mom wanted, it had been years since you spoke.

She wasn't happy about you going on the Monsters of Rock tour all those years ago. Though you spoke to her here and there, the communication cut. You tried to reconnect when Izzy was born but all you got was her answering machine and no response.

Your relationship with her was primarily through messages you left. Hi Mom, I got married. Hi Mom, I got divorced. Hey mom, I'm getting married again if you wanna turn up this time. Mom, I'm having your grandkid, this is the address of the hospital if you wanna visit.

But nothing. Never once a response. After Izzy, you gave up. You weren't even gonna try for a relationship. You had your own daughter to treat better.

"Could you tell I was nervous?" You asked Lita when you got in.

"No, you seemed confident. Can't believe Sixx though" Lita snorted. "I'm the greatest who ever lived."

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