Chapter 101 - Lita

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The tourbus was bigger but your relationship with Lita and Sheree was becoming increasingly difficult

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The tourbus was bigger but your relationship with Lita and Sheree was becoming increasingly difficult. Nikki had invited Sam, Mick and a few other guys to your Cali date. You were caught between a rock and a hard place.

"I wanna do Kickstart.." Rach complained and you shook your head.

"I can't play the riff, it's the one song I just can't play" You shrugged as you sat with your guitar. "When did this stop being fun?"

"When did you stop being fun?" Sheree responded and you rolled your eyes.

"Guys just because I said no coke before the show doesn't mean I'm ruining your life" You mentioned. "Come on, lets do some fuckin Guns n Roses, or Alice Cooper.."

"I'd be into that" Lita nodded. "Poison?"

"Yeah why the hell not" You nodded. "C'mon lets play lets do something."

"I wanna get drunk, I wanna get high, I wanna have sex and I want you to not bitch at me" Lita listed as she smiled at you. "Can we party tonight? Can we bring out drunky."

"Fine, you want me to get wasted? Fine. It won't be fucking pretty. And I'm sure as Hell gonna be less willing to put up with your shit" You scoffed as you grabbed the bottle of Jack from the side. "Cmon lets fucking party."

"It's ten in the morning, you really gonna drink that?" Rach cringed as you pulled off the bottle cap and drank half the bottle immediately.

"That's what I'm talking about" Lita grinned as you wiped your mouth.

"Fuck off" You growled as you picked your guitar up. "Lets go bitches."

You walked around after rehearsal, they went to go meet a dealer. You felt buzzed. It was early. You were torn between two feelings: Wanting to just lose control for a little while, everyone else got to. And I'm a parent what the hell am I doing?

You had spent your twenties and some of your thirties picking up after everyone else. Looking after everyone else. You never got to let loose like everyone else. You were sensible. You were done being sensible and taking everyone's shit for it.

Even in your buzzed state you knew you had to avoid Nikki. He would blow a fuse knowing you were wasted before midday. Hypocrite.

"I want to go to a bar" You mentioned to one of your tech guys as you pushed your sunglasses up your nose. "We're in San Diego right? Where can I drink here kid?"

"Uh, I'm not sure but I know some guys who would know. Hold on" Jeremy said as he went off. You heard Nikki round the corner, heading your way. He was bragging about the sights he had seen, the way you guys played. You quickly walked back the way you came and slipped into an equipment room. You watched him walk past with Sam and Mick as he held Izzy. She was hanging on every word he said. You felt guilty, but it was one day of freedom. Just one.

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