Chapter 01 - Soundcheck

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Monsters of Rock was a massive deal

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Monsters of Rock was a massive deal. A success that you were so proud of within your band. Void had hit the LA scene pretty hard a couple years ago, and here you were on a tour that you could not comprehend with some of the biggest names yet.

However, as modest as you wanted to be, you had kinda seen it all by this point. Being a female rockstar in the 80s was not easy. Nobody took you seriously, even other bands acted like you were the next groupie there to fawn over them.

Erm, no.

You were good friends with Lita Ford, someone you had idolised for so many years, now one of your nearest and dearest. She had to put up with the same bullshit you had to as well. Plus she was a very interesting character. She partied way too hard and reprimanded you for not doing the same. But it wasn't your style, you would just drink a hell of a lot. But drugs were not for you.

"Y'know Motley's gonna be there too" Lita said down the phone to you as you walked through the hotel that the promoters had set up for you for your first leg of the tour.

"I know that. Just another flock of guys, eating up pussy and snorting up drugs, what's new?" You chuckled as you kicked open your hotel bedroom door. Swinging your luggage on the floor, you relaxed on the bed, chunky phone pressed to your ear.

"Oh my sweet baby, you're in for a real ride" Lita laughed. "I lived with Nikki at one point y'know. Things happened, if you get the chance babe, ride that dick. Honestly one of the best nights of m-"

"I'm going right now, hanging up the phone" You cringed "Just get your ass over here. Then maybe you can round 2 with the Sixx"

"That ship has sailed for me doll. I'll be there soon though, keep it tight"


"Sound check, one, two, check check" You strummed your guitar as you listened to it in the monitor in front of you while your singer Alice was checking the mic. You glared at the guys watching you from the sidelines. You knew that they were trying to tell if you guys really were something. An all chick band could have its problems, sure. But letting guys rule the Metal scene was not one of them.

You and the drummer Rach grinned at each other, you both knew that tonight you would prove all the guys wrong.

"Can we check Try to handle?" The sound guy boomed over the speakers. You nodded and waited for Rach to count you in.

You were halfway through the intro when you seen some figures running around the sound desk, messing with the inputs and the volumes. You looked at your bandmates, they were just as confused as you.

"Stop stop, its all terrible" You heard a different voice over the speaker as it was now being manned by a blonde dude, laughing with two of his friends "Play Crüe or go home"

"Is this fucker being serious?" You growled walking to the mic "Guy! Can you fuck off so we can finish our sound check?"

"Did she just call me guy?" The blonde grunted to his friends "It's Vince Neil, princess. Get off the stage and come suck my dick."

"Why don't you come up here and make us you pussyfucks?" Rachel yelled.

Almost in unison you threw your instruments down, climbed off the stage and headed to the sound desk. They all stood there, grinning like cocky fuckers. Motley fucking Crüe. You no longer gave a fuck that Nikki was Lita's friend, you were gonna tear him a new one.

"Hey Poison, why don't you fuck off back to where you came from?" Alice started as she squared up to Vince. "Oh wait, you're too ugly to be Bret Michaels"

"Big words from the vocalist with no range" Nikki piped up. You didn't know what you were doing until you stood in front of him. He was tanned, tattooed, tall and damn beautiful. But that didn't matter right now.

"Big words from someone who mimes on stage. Your guitarist writes and records all your bass parts right?" You grinned, you even caught Tommy Lee chuckling to himself. But Nikki didn't glare, he just smiled at you. His gaze never left yours as he picked up the discarded Jack Daniels left on the sound desk.

"See you later sweetheart" He said blowing you a kiss before walking off with this "Crüe".

"Fuck those guys" Alice scoffed folding her arms before turning to Rach "where the fuck were you with the insults?"

"Tommy Lee is the hottest real life man I have ever laid eyes on" She cried.

The three of you chuckled as you walked back on stage, vowing to never let Motley Crüe treat you that way again.

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