Chapter 71 - Colours

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You weren't sure how, but Nikki had found the guy who had spiked you and Lita

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You weren't sure how, but Nikki had found the guy who had spiked you and Lita. You guessed by the bruising on Nikki's knuckles that the guy wasn't gonna be back anytime soon.

"I have a new thing for us to try today" Nikki smiled kissing you as you poured coffee for yourself. "Izzy's gonna be with Amy, it's just you and me today"

"I'm excited, what should I wear?" You asked him as you sipped your drink.

"Nothing you like"

You raised an eyebrow but obliged, you could find something to wear that you didn't mind getting a bit wrecked.

He drove you far out from your home, it almost seemed daunting, there were so many studios and storage facilities lined up. You followed him out the car and into one of the big warehouses. It was initially one giant room.

He had a camera set up, a giant white wall and some paint laid out in front of it.

"What's this" You said with a smile as he went over to his camera. "We aren't making some weird porno are we?"

"I don't remember seeing it on your list, but I don't mind" He replied smirking as he adjusted his camera. The whole place was empty, your voice bouncing off the metal walls.

He went to the small portable stereo he had set up in the corner and turned on the radio. Finally, he came over to you and handed you a paint brush.

"Are we painting?" You asked dipping it in the purple paint pot.

"Kinda" He said with a grunt as he threw some paint at the wall. "It's called stress painting."

"I like it" You chuckled as you waved around the paint on your brush, watching as it created small splatters over Nikki's work.

For hours you laughed and sang along to the radio as you painted with each other. He pulled his shirt off and let you run the brush across him.

You laughed as he stood behind you, guiding your hands as you held the paint, throwing it at the wall. You turned your head and kissed him softly, he held you close kissing you deeper. You moaned as his paint covered hands ran across you before picking you up. Instinctively he pressed you against the wall until he heard you squeal.

"Nikki, the paint!" You laughed as he peeled you away, you turned around and he laughed whole heartedly.

"It's all in your hair, its just all on the back of you" He laughed as you tried to look at yourself over your shoulder.

"You definitely did that on purpose" You glared at him and he held his hands up in defense.

"I completely forgot.." He watched you pick up the paint pot. "Baby, don't do it..babe!"

You chased him around the room, trying to throw the purple paint at him. It splattered his legs and his back as it caught him. He looked at himself and shook his head as it covered his back and his bottom half.

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