Chapter 141 - A Couple Animals.

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Your hormones were killing you

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Your hormones were killing you.
You wanted Nikki so bad, you almost resented yourself for not letting him get back together with you. It had been weeks since you had sex which normally wouldn't be an issue. But during this pregnancy, it was. The only times Nikki attempted to have sex with you, you turned him down. You didn't want him thinking it was an ongoing thing.

But boy you regretted that now.

"Why don't you come out with me tonight? There's a little party going on and you could do with some harmless flirting" Lita said as she went through your wardrobe with you of what was gonna fit for now and what you were gonna have to throw in the long run.

"And the sad reminder of all the booze I can't drink" You moaned as you rubbed your feet. "Yeah I'll go with you."

"Great, there should be plenty of men for you to hook up with. It's David Lee Roth's party" Lita shrugged.

"I'm not gonna hook up with..Hold the fuck up for a second. I'm going to a party hosted by the guy who helped define Van Halen?" You asked and she nodded.

"You may have to get a babysitter, Nikki may be going" Lita shrugged. You hadn't spoken to him today, you knew he was busy with press conferences and photo shoots. He did try and call you but you were having a mini breakdown over some jeans you couldn't get into.

"Maybe I'll see him there, maybe I won't. I'm ready for LA's finest old rock n rollers" You said lying back. "I just gotta nap super quick and then I'll be ready."

"I'm so glad I never got pregnant" Lita said lying next to you.


Your bump wasn't noticeable to the people who didn't know so that was a good sign so far. You could fit into your leathers, your almost see through tartan top that Lita loved so much and your boots. Though you guessed your boots would be coming off at the end of the night and not through sex.

You had a new babysitter come round, she worked with all the mom's at Izzy's school. She seemed nice, she was in her 20's. She was called Brittany. You explained the plan of the night before heading off with Lita in a taxi.

The mansion was huge. It was pearly white with flowers, pools, water features, everything. You were greeted by two guys handing out shots, you took yours and gave it to Lita. You followed her through the house, it was packed full of so many people you admired but had never met.

"You know who is hot? That guy right there" Lita said pointing to one of your idols: Nuno Bettencourt. She realised who he was and grinned as she wiggled her fingers at you. You hit her own the arm and she yelped.

"You don't need to have sex to get some good action. That's all I'm saying" Lita smiled and hollered when she seen Tommy wandering around. It was like your pregnancy had you in some kind of haze. You licked your lips as you watched Tommy walk over.

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