Chapter 63 - Vanilla.

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You sat there minding your own business as you stared at the ice cream in front of you

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You sat there minding your own business as you stared at the ice cream in front of you. You weren't in the mood for Rum and raisin after all. No matter how good it was.

The bell against the door rang but you paid no attention until a figure slid into the booth opposite you. You looked at Nikki who took your ice cream and ate some, grimacing at the taste.

"Why do you eat it and complain?" You asked absently as you stared out the window.

"Because I'm always curious why you like it so much" Nikki replied quietly. "Are you mad at me?"

"What do you think?" You muttered back. Finally looking at him, he looked guilty. He looked sad. "If you were in my shoes, how would you feel?"

"Pissed" He admitted as he played with the spoon. "Hurt."

"Exactly" You murmured as you looked away from him again. "Can you explain to me how that situation even happened?"

He rubbed his neck and sighed, you could tell he was uncomfortable, he probably didn't want to come across as an asshole more than he did.

"I tried to have sex with Donna and it was very..vanilla" He smirked looking at the ice cream. "I wasn't fulfilled, so I slept with dancers. And I was touring and Jane was there. I knew who she was, there was something about it being someone else's wife that made it interesting."

"Wow" You cleared your throat and wiped your eyes. "That's really something Nikki."

"You have to understand, I am an asshole. I always have been." Nikki explained and you chuckled. "That side of me doesn't come out when I'm with you. I don't get bored, I don't need to be a dick to have fun. I couldn't have who I wanted. So I decided to have everyone else."

"This isn't a pretty side of you Nikki" You swallowed. "I knew about this side of you before we met. And it was this side of you that made me scared to be with you."

"I know, and it's a side of me you don't see a lot" Nikki reached for your hand hesitantly. "I wouldn't risk this. And that's why I couldn't tell you. I couldn't risk not having you in my life again."

"You know if you cheated on me, that would be it right? I don't stick around for anyone doing that to me. Not even you Nikki, not even for Izzy" You warned.

"I know. " He nodded. "It's too great a risk for me.
And what's the point of cheating when sex is only interesting with you. You've ruined everyone else for me."

"I am pretty damn good" You murmured as his thumb rubbed your hand. "Is there anything else or anyone else I need to know about?"

"There was a lot of girls when I was with Donna" Nikki sighed. "But nothing like this. I promise"

"Fine" You murmured. "It's a good thing all of mine were one night stands"

"You slept with people whilst we were broken up?" Nikki frowned and you snorted.

"I had needs Nikki. Just like you" You reminded but he still didn't look very impressed. "I wasn't a whore but I wasn't a nun either."

"Were they anyone I know?" He asked and you shook your head.

"I was completely done with musicians thank you very much" You chuckled as you played with your wedding rings. "Please don't hurt me Nikki"

He shook his head as you looked at him, he had never seen you look so sincere so, vulnerable. He slid in next to you and put his arm around you.

"I could never. You're my angel" He murmured as he kissed the side of your head. You relaxed into his embrace as he pulled the ice cream over, eating another spoonful.

"This is awful" Nikki cringed as you took the spoon from him. You ate it and sighed happily.

"You are wrong, this is good shit" You mumbled helping yourself to another scoop.

"Speaking of shit and other cuss words. Izzy has added to her vocabulary" Nikki laughed nervously.

"You're joking" You said surprised and he shook his head. "Okay we have to stop swearing so much or she gonna start kindergarten calling everyone fuckers at this rate"

"What else do you expect the kid of Nikki Sixx to say? Please and thank you? I don't think so" Nikki snorted. "Hey"

You looked up at him and he put his forehead to yours. He smiled before putting ice cream on your nose and licking it off.

"You're so fuckin gross" You laughed.

"Uh uh, no cussing." He teased.


"Oh thank god" Lita sighed as you both came back onto the bus. "She was being a handful so I invited Richie over and he helped me.."

"Is that why your hairs all crazy? Did Izzy smudge your lipstick too?" You smirked and Lita laughed.

"Yeah I'm gonna go, enjoy your night kids" Lita waved before leaving you both. You headed into your room to see Izzy asleep.

You got into bed and cuddled up to Nikki. You kissed his chest and he smiled, pulling you in closer.

"I love you Mrs Sixx" He mumbled as he held you close.

"I love you too Nikki. Also Richie Sambora is terrified of you so you should take advantage of that" You yawned with a laugh.

"You are pushing me to be an asshole" He smirked and you laughed again.

"Only to everyone else, you gotta treat me super sweet, cause I'm the one who gives you the good lovin" You mumbled sleepily. He stroked your hair and your back.

"You've definitely given me most of the good things in my life" He murmured. "Go to sleep."

"I'm not tired" You said with a yawn. "I wonder what would have happened if you didn't come back to Vancouver."

"I eventually would have came and dragged your ass back home. " Nikki confessed as he studied you. "I was snowballing out of control again, I needed you."

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