Chapter 62 - Ice Cream Affair

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"You pissed me off yesterday"

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"You pissed me off yesterday"

"Well you pissed me off yesterday"

He stared at you as you stared at him before you both broke out into a smile. Nikki ran his hand across your ass and you winced.

"Was it really necessary to spank me so much" You asked as you rubbed your cheek.

"It was completely necessary. You pissed me off" He repeated and you rolled your eyes.

"Can we just forget about it? It was all resolved, you played, it was good, whatever" You groaned as you put a pillow over your head.

"Well if Vince asked we talked and you apologised" Nikki said stretching. He sat up and smiled at Izzy who was standing in her crib. He pulled her out and let her stand on you.

"Can you please take the baby off my head. It's killing me" You ordered. "Also Vince can suck my fucking dick."


"Izzy" Nikki warned, he had been trying so hard to get her out the habit, but it was her favourite word.

"So Iron Maiden are playing today, do you wanna go and actually watch a gig?" You asked. Silence.

"Nikki?" You called pulling the pillow off your head, making sure he was still there. He sat there, ignoring you as he held Izzy. "Hello?"

"I don't wanna watch Iron Maiden" He stated simply and you frowned.

"Are you still pissed at me or do you hate Iron Maiden?" You asked and he swallowed.

"I don't want to watch Iron Maiden" He shrugged. "Look just leave it."

You frowned as you watched him get Izzy dressed and walked out the room without saying another word.


"So this morning was fuckin weird" You mumbled as you drank coffee opposite Lita. "Nikki got super uptight when I asked if he wanted to watch Iron Maiden."

"Weird, maybe he hates them" Lita mumbled as she ate her breakfast.

"It didn't feel like that though. He was so weird about it, like he hasn't spoken to me since." You mumbled.

"Hey Tommy!" Lita called as he walked in. He came and sat with you both and fist bumped you.

"You wanna watch Iron Maiden with us later?" Lita asked and Tommy nodded.

"Sure sounds good, any of the others coming?" Tommy asked and you eyed Lita.

"Not Nikki, does he hate them or something?" Lita asked and Tommy sat there in thought.

"No he actually is good friends with Bru..Oh" He stopped mid sentence and looked away from you quickly "Yeah I dunno."

"Tommy" Lita warned "What do you know?"

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