Chapter 20 - Cherry

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New year went off with a bang

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New year went off with a bang. Nikki called it your partial engagement party, but you didn't want anything big. You were already on tour, that was enough.

Everyone seemed happy with your news minus Vince. He shrugged and said "What's new?" Before walking off. You guessed he was suggesting you would be on a long list of women to come.

You were back finishing up the last of the tour, you had a matter of weeks until it was gonna be over. Nikki had suggested some new material to the guys but Vince said they could record without him and he'd pass judgement when was ready.

"Hey Cherry" You looked at Jani who had found you on the tourbus.

"Hey Jani" You said with a confused look. "Are you looking for Tommy?"

"Actually I was looking for you" He said with a smile. "I have a proposition for you."

"Fuck having one fucking rehearsal space" Nikki moaned as he heard Warrant practicing in the room. Tommy shrugged and Mick frowned.

"I recognise that riff. We were working on it the other day" Mick opened the door to see you playing with the Warrant guys. Nikki put his head around the corner and so did Tommy.

"Guys you're gonna have to wait until we're finished" Jerry said before closing the door on them.

"What the fuck was that?" Nikki asked and Mick shrugged. He turned around to see Tommy with an ear to the door.

"Hey dude, they are singing about Cherry fuckin Pie man" He laughed. Nikki growled as he listened through the door. He heard you laughing as Jani sang along. You had leant your guitar skills to them and seemed to be having a good time. It wasn't that he was pissed off at.

"Dude.." Tommy said covering his mouth when he heard a certain line. Nikki heard it, he nearly kicked the door open and stormed into the room.

"Sixx, we just said.." Jerry went to talk but Nikki glared at him as the band ceased to play.

"Tastes so good makes a grown man cry, she's my cherry pie?" Nikki snarled walking up to Jani but you stood between them.

"It's just a song man" Jani said but the smirk on his face suggested something else.

"Nikki, stop.." You said trying to push him back but your tiny frame did nothing to even move him slightly.

"Your song is about fucking my fiancée" Nikki spat trying to square up to him again, not realising you were there.

"The song is open to interpretation. Anyone could be fucking cherry pie Nikki!" You yelled trying to shake him. He took your hand and pulled you aside before spitting near Jani's feet.

You pushed Nikki out the room as you mouthed "Sorry" to Jani. Tommy was laughing as he followed you and Nikki whilst Mick stayed behind.

"Dude, I cant believe.."

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