Chapter 119 - Gunner

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"Can we all remain friends now, without secretly turning in each other?" You asked the guys as you packed up your stuff

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"Can we all remain friends now, without secretly turning in each other?" You asked the guys as you packed up your stuff. They all nodded as you hugged each and every one of them, including Vince as did Nikki, promising they will meet up soon to discuss the book.

Lita and Izzy sat in the car waiting for you and Nikki as everyone else dispersed. You grabbed your suitcase as he stood admiring the cabin.

"I really love this place." He murmured as he put his arms around you. "Did you have a good time?"

"I had a great time babe" You said leaning up and kissing him. "This place is nice though huh?"

"Yeah, I love it. Every time I come here I'm gonna request this cabin." He smiled. "That hot tubs for us only."

"C'mon you crazy kid. We have real life waiting for us back home" You said pulling your suitcase out the door.


It didn't take long to get back into the swing of things as Eddie came round to record some solo stuff as Nikki practiced with his new band.

Nikki had finished rehearsing to pick Izzy up from school. She was being a nightmare every single morning, even for Nikki. She was refusing to get out the car, she would kick the seats in front of her and scream if Nikki tried to pick her up. But at the end of every school day, she came home and said she had fun. Neither of you could understand it.

Izzy went wondering into the living room with the dogs as Nikki closed the front door behind him. He pressed the button for his phone messages.

"This is a message for Mr Sixx, my name is Karen from the Social Care system for children. Your ex wife Brandi has been taken into custody. We've had to put Gunner into temporary foster care, I've listed the address below.."

Nikki was raging as the message ended, how could Brandi do that to his son? He was done with her being the primary parent. There was no way she was keeping custody of him.

"Nikki it's me, I went to pick up Gunner but they won't let me because I'm not a legal guardian. But they've let me sit with him until you get here, so he's not scared. Just get here when you can"

He sighed, at least you were there for Gunner. At least he wasn't on his own confused. It must be terrifying, he was only 10. Nikki called Izzy and she didn't answer him.

He went into the living room to see her watching tv.

"Izzy we've gotta go out, cmon I need you to put your shoes on" Nikki said rubbing his temple.

"No" She said not even looking at him. Nikki clenched his jaw and grabbed the remote turning the TV off. Izzy glared at him as she went over to the TV and turned it back on.

"Izzy I'm not playing" Nikki said turning it off again. "We've got to go meet your mom and Gunner."

"I don't want to" She huffed turning the TV back on. Nikki could feel his patience wearing thin as he watched her smile to herself as the cartoons came back on. He went over to the mains of the tv and turned it off.

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