Chapter 52 - Come Together

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So the final mix of all the songs were taking place in your studio with everyone

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So the final mix of all the songs were taking place in your studio with everyone. Everyone was itching to hear the songs, after only hearing bits. It was difficult re-recording Shout at The Devil. You kinda took a backseat until it came to the guitar parts, that was the only influence you decided to have.

You all decided on the album track list and played it in the requested order, starting with you. You swallowed, you felt the pressure. Scott was gonna hate it no matter what, but you wanted to prove to Nikki that you could make him proud in this profession.

"I don't like the kid in the background" Scott mentioned as you listened to Find Myself. You hid your smirk as Nikki glared at him.

"That's my son, who requested to be on the album" Nikki commented and sat back, listening to the rest of the song.

"I love the raw punk feel man. It's sick dude" Tommy said bumping your fist. You grinned and pressed play for 'Afraid'. This was your favourite that you had worked so hard on, you hoped the guys loved it.

They sat bobbing their heads as they listened intently. You had tried to include some technical parts as requested to match with the rest of the album. 

"It sounds too angry, it's like a tension build up the entire song" Scott commented.

"Erm, duh. That's how it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be an emotional build up." You rubbed your head. "How about we save criticism until the end?"

"I thought it sounded fuckin awesome. You took something that was on one level and just pushed it all the way up" Tommy smiles as he hit his knees.

"It's exactly how I wanted it to be, it's so good" Nikki smiled.

You didn't mind some of Scott's work. It was very industrial, the drums had a very metal feel to them. But everything sounded kinda compressed with all the overdub effects. But you enjoyed what he did with Vince's vocals a lot of the time.

The most effects you used was on Beauty purely based on Tommy's request. You had a lot of fun on this track, it was a groove you had been wanting to do for a long time.

You listened to Rocketship for the first time with a small smile. You didn't want to seem cheesy, but it was yours. Slyly, Nikki interlinked his fingers with yours as everyone just focused on the song. You felt elevated as you listened. You couldn't believe he put it on the album. He had a beautiful voice and it was nice to everyone to hear it.

"It's perfect" You mumbled with a smile. "And Glitter. You did Glitter really well too Scott"

"Well it's nice to see you noticing some of my work" He scoffed. You were just glad he didn't ruin the songs you were kinda biased about.


"Well guys, we fuckin loved what you guys put together. We're really happy with the album" Vince said with a small smile before standing up. "Next up, press and tour."

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