Chapter 93 - Aftermath

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"My wife, my band and my kids are the most important things to me in this world" Nikki stated as he allowed himself to be interviewed

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"My wife, my band and my kids are the most important things to me in this world" Nikki stated as he allowed himself to be interviewed. "This tape was before me and my wife reconciled."

"After seeing the tape, obviously your wife will be upset. And with the song she just released with Lita Ford, it's suggested that she's having second thoughts about your marriage."

"It was hard for her. I'm surprised Brandi kept a tape from so long ago" Nikki said scratching his neck. "The publicity and attention this tape is receiving is unnecessary and is very upsetting to me and my wife. But we talk, we love each other very much and aren't prepared to waste that on an ex wife who's living in the past."

You turned off the TV as you sat with Izzy, you were doing some painting in the living room, drawing pictures. Your conversations with Nikki were at a minimal. It was weird sleeping without him, you could barely get any rest in and judging by how he looked, neither could he. You were staying with Lita but still spending time at your house with Izzy. You weren't about to abandon your marriage, but you had to really get your head around the situation.

He wanted to sue Brandi for damages and defamation. But you wouldn't let him, that was just another drama on the list you could do without. Another thing you didn't see coming was Randy. He was being treated for cancer. It was a surprise to you all, you knew he hadn't been feeling great, but that was something else. Life was too short.

"You look tired" You mentioned to Nikki when he came back. He nodded as he sat at the table with you and Izzy, watching you both paint.

"I haven't slept" He mumbled as he clapped Izzy when she held up her painting to him.

"I think we could all do with an afternoon nap whilst our paintings dry" You mumbled to Izzy. She let you carry her upstairs as Nikki followed. You were surprised she allowed you to put her down for a nap without causing a fuss.

You lay on your side of the bed as Nikki stood in the door watching. He turned around to go and you called his name.

"Come on, you need some sleep too." You mentioned patting the bed. He smiled a small smile as kicked off his boots climbing in. Hesitantly, you curled up next to him and relaxed. It was the first time you had felt comfortable in days.

"I love you" Nikki murmured tiredly as he kissed your head. "Whether you believe it or not, it's always been true."

"I think you're an asshole. I think you could have fixed it all if you had just talked to me. I think you're so scared of losing me, that you do such dumbass shit. But I know you love me" You sighed.

Nikki had filed a restraining order on Brandi. She would have to get family to drop Gunner off to Nikki on visiting days.She wasn't allowed to call the house or anything. Any property she had to do with Nikki had to be destroyed.

You found a new pre-school for Izzy. You had integrated her as much as possible and you were upfront to the teachers.

"She had behavioural issues. She cusses, she doesn't integrate well. She's like a 15 year old hormonal teenager" You mentioned to the teacher. Any other school would have ran for the hills, but they specialised in this kinda thing.

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