Chapter 138 - Fucked Up.

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You had told John you weren't ready to move to New York

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You had told John you weren't ready to move to New York. You were too settled in the house and you couldn't do it. He said he understood and that he hoped it had nothing to do with Nikki.

"I haven't seen Nikki in weeks" You lied as you unpacked the shopping. John leant down and have you a kiss on the cheek before saying he had to go rehearse with a new band he was producing.

God you were awful.

A couple of weeks passed and Nikki had flew to Vancouver to record some of the new Motley songs. He spoke to you everyday as did Tommy.

"We wish you were here, it feels weird not having you with Bob. He misses you too!" Tommy exclaimed. Nikki smiled as you laughed down the phone, he had you on speaker to talk to Tommy.

"I love you Tommy. I wish I was there too, but Bob's got you guys well looked after and it's only a couple of songs." You mentioned.

"Did you get the my message about any food you wanted me to bring back? I know you like the maple candy" Nikki asked as he picked up the phone.

"I did but there's no point. I'm going through a weird phase again. They would be wasted on me"  You mumbled as Nikki took you off speaker.

"What weird phase? Are you okay?" As he held the phone to his ear.

"I'm fine, there's a bug going round Izzy's school. She's just had it and I'm feeling like shit so I guess I'm gonna get it soon. We're all okay though" You mentioned.

You were at the store with Izzy shopping for Christmas food and supplies, she asked if you were gonna spend it together as a family this year. You said you didn't see why not.

You walked past the fish section and you felt your stomach turn. Izzy looked at you as you slapped a hand over your mouth.

"Mom why are you being dramatic? It's only fish" She mentioned and you shook your head trying to keep yourself steady. You groaned as the nausea swept through you. Panic over took you when the nausea passed as soon as you walked away from the fish section. This was all too familiar.

Izzy ran off to get some more shampoo as you stood in the toiletries aisle. You eyed the pregnancy test to the side of you. You picked it up and sighed.

There was only one other time that fish made you go that woozy.

But it was just gonna make things so much more complicated. You couldn't have John's baby while you and Nikki were..Figuring things out?

You hid it amongst the rest of the shopping before heading round the store again with Izzy. Life had the shittiest timing.

You sat at Lita's as you both stared at the three sticks laid out in front of you . Just waiting.

"I can't believe I'm staring at your pee" She sniggered to herself. "So it tells you the weeks as well? That shit must be advanced."

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