Chapter 17 - Prey

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You loved Europe

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You loved Europe. Your first stop was Germany and it was so different to anything you had ever experienced. The only issue was the hotel. You had stood at reception, listening to Tommy, Nikki and Vince argue over the one room left that had a jacuzzi. You watched Mick walk over with some straws to try and settle the argument. You stood with your luggage by the elevator and spotted that guy again. When you seen him and his group of friends, it dawned on you that it was Warrant.

"Hey it's Cherry girl" You heard one of them nudge Jani. He looked up at you shyly and you have him a little wave. You lit up a cigarette and frowned when Nikki strolled over and took it from in between your lips.
"No smoking in the jacuzzi room" He said with a smirk as he pushed the button for the elevator.

"Such bullshit and you know it Sixx!" You heard Vince yell as the elevator doors closed.

The room was gorgeous, it was huge including the bed. Nikki walked past you lying on the bed, to open the doors to the balcony. There was the jacuzzi everyone was arguing over.

"Wanna have some fun?" Nikki asked as you watched him strip from head to toe. You grinned at his fine ass getting in the hot tub with a groan. You shortly followed and climbed into the tub and climbed onto Nikki.


Mick asked if you wanted to help the next day with sound checking the guitars with him. You were more than happy to do so. You picked up some of his beautiful guitars and played them.

"Can you run through Wildside please?" The sound guy asked. You looked at Mick and he nodded, starting the riff. You grinned as you played along with him. Tommy was on the drums and Nikki was watching from a side, clutching a coffee. You walked along the stage as you played the riff.

He pointed to your neck and you shook your head in disapproval, he had successfully managed to do a small S on your neck in hickeys, just as he planned all along. You were convinced you were gonna have some kind of blood issues if he kept going at your neck the way he did.

"Sixx you wanna join in?" The sound guy asked and he shook his head.

"Enjoying the view" He said sitting in front of Tommy's kick drum as you jammed with Mick.

"Solo" Mick yelled and you frowned as the song went into the more swing beat part towards the end. You did as you were told and proceeded to do a blues inspired solo over the beat. You grinned as you pulled it off, you were having a lot of fun jamming with Mick. You thought he even smiled a little bit at one point.

Nikki came up behind you and ruined your solo and you laughed as he started putting his fingers all over the fretboard. With that you ended the song with Mick.

"Hey it's the new guys" Nikki said seeing Warrant come in to watch the soundcheck. You watched Nikki go over and introduce himself. He would get so cocky with newcomers, he liked to test their boundaries to see if they were cut out for the Crüe. You minded your own business as Tommy got off the stage to join Nikki in the haze. You helped Mick with the guitars and started taking out the next two, one electric and one acoustic for when he did the lighter songs.

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