Chapter 49 - Cherry/Glitter

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Between the baby tv cartoons and the dull sounds of the band rehearsing and writing, you were ready to do something exciting

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Between the baby tv cartoons and the dull sounds of the band rehearsing and writing, you were ready to do something exciting. Though you loved being a mother, you were itching to work, to do something again.

"I miss Vancouver a little bit. I miss Bob. I love Bob" You whined down the phone to Lita as you watched Izzy.

"You can't be everywhere and everything girl. You gotta be responsible now. You can't just pack up and go tour" Lita said and you sighed sadly.

"You're gonna have to wait until she's 18 before you have a life again"

"Wow you're rude and depressing" You snorted and Lita hummed in agreement.

"John's not feeling great since his musical dreams have been pissed all over, his mood is making me moody" Lita ranted. "I wanna come back to LA"

"Then sell the house and come back. Come live with me and Nikki, you can babysit" You asked excitedly.

"Erm, no. I make a conscious effort to not have children so why would I burden myself with yours? Plus you'll have to deal with me drooling all over your fine man every time he gets out that pool" Lita teased.

"I don't blame you. I got pregnant by just looking at the guy... I'm convinced" You mumbled.

"If he was fucking you whilst you looked at him it still counts right?" Lita quizzed. "Anyway I think I'm gonna move back soon. I'm done with Canada"

"No no no" You yelled as you watched Izzy putting her fingers into the VCR. "I'll call you back!"

Izzy screamed as you pulled her away from the VCR and you sighed. She was getting to an age where she was dangerous. She had started shuffling backwards everywhere, to the point where you would blink and she would have left the room.

"Look who it is, my best friend" Mick smiled as he took Izzy from you. Mick had a connection with Izzy that you didn't understand. It was the only time he would crack a smile. "Y'know she doesn't like you"

"I know" You sighed, it was becoming a concern to you that Izzy refused to be a happy baby unless other people were around. She just seemed frustrated with you all the time. You guessed it was because you were the only one who dared to tell her off.

"How are we sounding?" Nikki asked walking in as he drank some water.

"I dunno you've soundproofed the room so it's all very muffled. Plus I'm keeping out of it like you requested" You joked. Mick sat down on the sofa with Izzy watching her cartoons with her. You shook your head and patted Nikki's chest as he hugged you.

"Now it's your turn, I gotta go out for a while" You said smiling sweetly.

"We're still rehearsing babe. Can you not wait until we're done?" He asked and you looked at the clock.

"Nope. You guys aren't gonna finish until stupid o' clock and I've got stuff I've gotta do to. Bring her in the room to watch or something.." You shrugged.

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