Chapter 90 - Lucid Dreams.

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"You can't storm in here and threaten to beat up our drummer

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"You can't storm in here and threaten to beat up our drummer. We're co-headlining the tour, we'll just pull out." Klaus stared with a laugh.

"It's not business, it's personal." Nikki shrugged. "What you do after I beat his ass is up to you."

"Well he's not here" Klaus mentioned looking around. He sighed. "Just leave his hands and feet yeah?"

Nikki nodded and turned back on himself and headed to where you were.

"You and your friends are whores who have no place in this industry" James barked at you as he cornered you against the wall. "You naked under there?"

You had found him wandering the hallway and your mouth got the better of you as you started yelling at him in the empty hallway. Probably not the best idea.

He smirked, you could feel the whiskey on his hot breath as he pushed himself on you, grabbing at the knot on your robe. You tried to move your leg so you could get a good shot at his groin, but he was too close and too heavy.

"Fuck you, you piece of shit" You spat in his face. He smirked and you stilled as you felt him backhand you across the cheek. You didn't yelp, you had been through this shit before. You weren't about to make this prick feel like a tough guy.

Your cheek was on fire as he pulled at your robe. You tried to keep it closed, he moved back and you managed to kick him away.

Nikki watched as James pushed you up against the wall, trying to grab at you. He saw red. You watched as Nikki pulled him off you and hit him hard. You cringed looking at his hand, it was always the bass hand. He kicked him to the ground and started pummelling his face. Nikki's blind rage was only something you had seen once before, and that was when Bret Michaels got in your face.

"Nikki, stop it, you're gonna kill him" You said trying to pull him away. You grimaced at the sight of James' bloody face where his nose had imploded. He continued on for a few more shots, until he was satisfied.Nikki spat at him before letting you pull him off of James.

The show was cancelled that night. Nikki's hands were swollen. James was in the emergency room at the hospital. Nikki had told James that if he pressed assault charges that you would press charges for a whole lot worse.

You spent the night icing his knuckles and your cheek with the hope he could play again in a few days. He stroked your cheek and you winced slightly.

"I can't believe that fucker laid a hand on you" Nikki said quietly, his tone laced with anger.

"He was lucky. Not many men can do that and live to tell the tale" You joked. "You saved the day."

"You should have let me kill him"

You read his diary as he and Izzy passed out. You were so tired and you kept re-reading the same line over and over again. You had been having trouble sleeping since swapping back onto a different time zone. Mick gave you some of his sleeping pills before bed. And boy they were strong.

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