Chapter 105 - Break Away.

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"Like old times, just the boys

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"Like old times, just the boys..."

That was Vince's argument as you sat there and listened. Nikki has pulled out all the plans for the tour set design and Vince loved them. Mick wasn't bothered, a show was a show. When Nikki asked if Vince wanted to include anything he said he did.
He didn't want you or Izzy to go on the tour.

Two years. Izzy was gonna be 7 birthdays in. You and Nikki would be 5 anniversary's in or so. He would be missing her school life. But it wasn't your choice.

Izzy brought in a drawing for Nikki as she sat and explained what was going on in the drawing. Vince rolled his eyes and went to the kitchen. You weren't sure what the big deal was. The phone rang, it was probably Lita. Rehab had brought out some harsh feelings in her, some conflict she had never faced before. But at least she was sober now.


"May we speak to Nikki Sixx. It's about his sister.." You frowned, he barely spoke to Ceci so you weren't sure what it was about. You handed him the phone as you watched him pace. He mentioned the name Lisa. He had never spoken to you about another sister before. Just Ceci and a brother he hardly mentioned.

He hung up the phone and stood there for a while. A hand over his chin. And then he fell apart. He sobbed as he rn a hand over his face. You told Izzy to go upstairs as you shut the door behind her. You ran a hand across his back and let him hold you close.

"I never even had a chance to meet her" He mumbled against your shoulder. "God I had it all planned."

"C'mon" You said guiding him to the sofa. You rubbed his hand until he calmed down, swiping the tears from his eyes. "Who is she?"

"Lisa was my sister. She was born in with Down's syndrome. My mother kept her from us, wouldn't let us visit. I found out recently where she was. She loves music" He laughed sadly. "I was gonna meet her and now, she's dead."

"Fuck your mom is a cruel bitch" You said in disgust as he nodded. You rubbed a hand on his back. "Maybe we can do something for the funeral?"

"Yeah, that would be pretty nice" He said quietly. "I hate that woman so much."


When things are right they are just right.
I want her to move in with me, I'd take more than that if she would let me. But she's so reserved and afraid?

She's picked the house for me. I was initially going to pick the house we went to see before. It was very old, very stiff. Kinda Victorian, similar to the Heroin House. She persuaded me to just view one more before making a decision.

The house she wanted me to see wasn't overly huge. It had enough rooms and space to fit in everything I wanted and to not feel cluttered. But it wasn't as big as the other houses. The thing I loved about this was that it had so much light. Big bay windows, flowers in the garden, a pool, a jacuzzi. It was still kinda old, but it was opposite to the other house. I could tell she was in love with it. I could tell she was going round room by room, forgetting that she was refusing to live here with me.

I love her. This house, is like the way she brightens up my dark exterior. I have to buy this house. So that our kids can run around the garden as she watches over them. We would have three kids, a girl and two boys to watch over her.

I need to figure out a way to make this happen, to break her defence and to show her she doesn't need to be afraid.

You closed the diary as Nikki played his guitar, only stopping to scribble lyrics in his notebook. He was still handsome, he was ageing nicely. There was almost nowhere he didn't have tattooed at this point. Apart from parts of his legs and his ribs. He said he was saving his ribs for something big. Vince was not ageing well. He had ballooned and when he sang he was almost out of breath. And Mick was hunching more and more every time you saw him. The band was worn and burnt out. Tommy has seemed to take all the energy with him.

Izzy had really taken to drawing and painting. Although you still couldn't make out what they were, it was all she wanted to do.

"Nikki?" You called him. He grunted absentmindedly in response and you rolled your eyes. You scooted behind him and rested your chin on his shoulder. You reached around strumming the guitar as he wrote stuff down.

"This is very Ghost like" Nikki muttered as he put his notepad down. You started picking the chords to Unchained Melody and he grimaced. "I am not Demi Moore."

"Are you not feeling seduced right now?" You chuckled as you kissed his shoulder. "Are you definitely going on your without us?"

"I'm gonna have to I've been outvoted" He kissed your hand and stood up to put the guitar away.

"It's so dumb, you're gonna miss so much" You said sadly. He sat down and pulled you onto his lap. He looked at you, sat there so sadly. He ran his hand across your cheek and up into your hair.

"I know it's gonna be the longest we've been apart" He sighed. "But I'll make regular stops to see you both. "

"Nikki it's so long this time" You sighed. "You promised you wouldn't go on such long tours."

"I think this may be one of the last tours we do" He said sadly. "Please don't make this harder."

"I'm not trying to Nikki, but you're willingly leaving me and your kid for two years. And I'm just meant to wait around. Do you need even care Nikki?"

"I think it'll be good for us" He said quietly. "We haven't exactly been on track since your tour. We haven't had sex, all we do is bitch at each other. Maybe we need a break."

"Oh so this is a break now?" You scoffed climbing off him. "The only reason we've been like this is because you can't get over something I said that I didn't mean."

"You don't trust me" Nikki said bluntly. "You never have. You always think I'm gonna run off or leave you when it gets hard. But if you look at our history, I've never quit on you. It's always been your choice."

"I do trust you Nikki" You sighed as you paced. "I said it cause I was annoyed. That's all and I've apologised over and over. I quit touring for you!"

"As I said before I think a break would be good for us" He shrugged and you chewed your lip.

"Do you mean a break as in time away or a break as in putting our marriage on hold so you can stick your dick into anyone on tour?" You spat.

"I mean time apart so we can figure out what the hell we're doing here" Nikki grunted.

"I know what I'm doing. I'm married to you Nikki. I love you and I want to be with you. What's there to figure out?" You asked.

"The other side" Nikki mentioned before walking out the room. You watched as he walked down the stairs and out the house.

What did he mean?

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